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Laura from Texas says:

With curly hair there are definite stages in life. There’s the “Omygosh how-cute-is-that” stage, there’s the “you’re-so-lucky” stage, the “what’s-up-with-that-hair” stage, the “do-anything-to-make-it-straight” stage and the “clip-back-or-cover” stage. Somehow it’s never quite right. Ridicule rules through youth & teen years and it can hurt. MopTop Hair gets it…

Kelley says:

As a the only child of 3 girls with curly hair, my Mom and I struggled to learn the best way to manage my curls throughout my childhood. Several embarrassing school photos later, I took the reins and tried every product under the sun formulated for curly hair, sometimes liking the results but only for a little while as these products would eventually dry my hair out and the frizz would come back with a vengeance! I then met Kelly Foreman, founder of MopTop, and her curls were always in amazing condition…

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