With curly hair there are definite stages in life. There’s the “Omygosh how-cute-is-that” stage, there’s the “you’re-so-lucky” stage, the “what’s-up-with-that-hair” stage, the “do-anything-to-make-it-straight” stage, and the “clip-back-or-cover” stage. Somehow it’s never quite right. Ridicule rules through youth & teen years and it can hurt. MopTop Hair gets it…

- Laura from Texas

FuzzyDuck products REALLY work! It’s made in the USA! No animal testing! No alcohol, parabens, etc. – in other words, no junk!

- Shelly from Tennessee

I have previously ordered your wonderful FuzzyDuck for delivery to NZ.  My daughter’s curls are unmanageable without FuzzyDuck!!

- Roz from New Zealand

Thank you so much, I just love the products.

- Melissa from Oklahoma

I’m ordering on behalf of my nanny, copied on this note. (I got her hooked on MopTop when we first began supporting the brand with PR months ago!)

- Rebecca from Texas

Not only am I impressed with your products, but your customer service.

- Laurie from Missouri

Thank you, Jessieca and Kristy, for the awesome customer service. 🙂

- Michelle from Alabama

As a long-time customer, I just wanted to congratulate you on the growth of your company!  I was so surprised (and happy for you!) to see your products on the shelves at Target!  Also, BTW, I am excited about your new natural line.  The natural shampoo seems to work well for me — I noticed that the regular shampoo was drying out my hair after a while (I wash almost every day, I know, I’m not supposed to do that, but I do!), but the natural shampoo combined with the regular conditioner and the regular medium-hold gel seems to work quite well (I tried the natural conditioner too, but for some reason it left me a little fuzzy – I haven’t tried the natural gel yet but will do so soon!).  I’ve recommended your products to a number of friends and also to my curly-hair salon.  Best wishes for continued success!

- Tovah from Washington

I just wanted to say thank you for such wonderful products! I was introduced to your products years ago — you actually sent me some sample products to try for free. Ever since then I have of course tried several other products but have come back to Mop Top including the curly custard. Your products make my curls the best they can be and I really love the texture, smell and performance. I just love the customer service and your products are wonderful! So glad to also be able to start to see them locally in Target.  Thank you!


- Kim (Curlmart and Target customer)

I just wanted to express my profound happiness of finally finding a product line that works for my hair.  I am African- American with neck length category 4 hair type (mixed textures – mostly 4b-c).  I have tried countless product lines, purchased samples, attended hair events and have yet to find a product that brings out the best in my hair with a scent I can tolerate.  I saw this line in Target last month and opened the jar of the gel custard and took a whiff, for if it did not carry a pleasant scent I would not be bothered to purchase.  I admit to initially purchasing MopTop only for the fresh citrus scent.  I purchased the gentle shampoo, leave-in conditioner and custard.  This week I am re-stocking and will include the daily conditioner.

I am a wash and go girl so this line is perfect for me.  The shampoo cleans my hair and scalp well without over drying.  The leave-in conditioner is absolutely amazing for it immediately nourishes my hair with shine and defines my coils.  The gel smells sooooo good and applies to my hair with great slip.  I guess due to the length of my hair and density, braid-outs and twist-outs do not work for me because once I go outside my hair will start to revert back to its coily afro state.  Therefore, I just allow my hair to do what it wants to do naturally and that is to coil up.

Thanks to products like this that cater to ALL hair types.    Please inform me of any hair events in NYC that will showcase MopTop!!

Thank you! 🙂

- Karina from New York

Recently my sister bought the MopTop Gentle Shampoo, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner.  So last weekend when she went out of town I decided it was time!  I borrowed (cough, cough) her products and I fell in love.  Your products left my hair shiny and my kinky hair moisturized & healthy!  The only bad part was having to return the products back to my sister. 😐  Anyways keep up the good work!

Sincerely from a new fan.

- Janelle from Florida

I have sampled your products and they are the BEST! After 13 years of searching for products for my frizzy, poofy, curly hair, these are the only ones that truly work! Thanks!

- Camilla from New York

I am a kinky coily, low porosity natural. I have received some of your products in a curlbox and it has made my hair feel wonderful and moisturized.

- Karyn

I just started and tried out the sample packet I got the other day from our Whole Foods. I am loving how my hair looks, feels, and smells and I love that it has made my curls so much cuter! I also like the added benefit that the extra that was on my hands has greatly helped with the: severe eczema I have on my hands. I am really pleased with this.

- Hannah from Tulsa

Great product for natural curly hair. This product smoothes out my usual corse frizzy look into natural, soft curls.

- Jamie