Camera Shy, Not a Lie!

Last Friday I had a mentor turned very dear friend Sandra ask me if I would be willing to share my story on her FaceBook live. It’s amazing how far I have come (more on that later!). As some background, Sandra and I met at a national women’s conference. Her company is Charisma on Camera […]

The Gift of Belonging: Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Last week I blogged about the primal need humans feel to connect and “belong”.  I have continued to reflect on this concept over the past several days, especially at a time of year when there are so many gatherings and so much emphasis put on being a part of the festivities – whether it’s family, […]

The Best Gift This Christmas: The Gift Of Belonging

I both love and dread this time of year. The busyness, the gifts (my love language is NOT gifts, it’s time!). I never know what to give when gifts are involved. Every year I make a family calendar featuring pictures from the previous year’s photos in the coinciding months. I’m NOT a scrapbooker – this is about […]

Be Resilient… And Be Your Best You

I was reading an article from The Wall Street Journal this morning and couldn’t help but to think of you. “The Secrets of Resilience.” The article essentially debunked the notion that you have to be given everything perfectly to get ahead. It’s more about using your resources, standing firm, and working with what you have. […]

MopTop Is Profiled in Voyage Dallas Magazine

 Last week MopTop was profiled in Voyage Dallas Magazine, a community publication that believes every neighborhood in Dallas has its own vibe, style, culture, and history, and seeks out the most inspiring stories in Dallas.  We’re thrilled that MopTop and Kelly Foreman (our founder) is featured as one of them!  Read on for more… And remember […]

An Anti-Bullying Story of Hope: Embracing Her Natural Beauty

As we wrap up our series on anti-bullying during October’s Bullying Prevention Month, I wanted to share the following, which was submitted to us by a teenager about her experience – we’ll call her Hope. It’s exciting to know that teens are also engaging in the conversation and, better still, finding empowerment in embracing their […]

Change the World: One Good Hair Day At A Time

It’s a universal truth that we’ve all been bullied. It’s unfortunately a common experience that unites us all. During National Bullying Prevention Month, I want to feature stories that have inspired me and touched my heart. (To protect privacy, some details such as names will be changed). I have long believed that a good hair […]