Defy Humidity for Beautiful Beach Wave Curls: Cocktail Leave-In & Curly Hair Custard

Frizz Is My Business

I've long said that I've never met frizz I couldn't tame, even just a little. A week at the beach has confirmed that fact, while also serving as a reminder that we occasionally need to adapt to our environment and re-think how we use our products to get the best performance from our hair. My philosophy is usually that less is more – use only what you need to achieve your most natural-looking desired results, but sometimes more IS more.  

Hair is like a fingerprint.  No two people have the same hair.  Likewise, hair has its own personality and our process and products that give fantastic results in one climate don't always translate to another.  So it's really OK (and highly recommended!) to re-think products and application when you venture away from home.  

Adaptation is Key

My daughter has inherited a variation of my curls, although she has longer, looser wavy curls. When we are home in Texas, her routine to keep her curls defined, moisturized, and frizz-free is fairly simple - shampoo, apply leave-in conditioner, and allow to air dry naturally or diffuse. However, after a few days enduring 100% humidity on the East coast, combined with the extra beating of wind, sun, sea, and chlorine, frizz reared its unruly head and we had to adapt to our environment by changing up the routine.

The solution? It was all in the "layering" and adding another product! TIP: You should always test products on your hand before you try them in your hair to make sure they "Play Nice"! This tip applies for "Cocktailing" too (not of the happy hour variety!).  Cocktailing is a common term for mixing haircare products to achieve the desired result. Typically, my daughter's hair would not be considered a candidate for Curly Hair Custard because while she has lots of wavy hair, it's long and her curls are stretched out, so the leave-in conditioner has been her go-to product for both moisturizing and styling.  When humidity, wind, and frequent water exposure started to cause frizz, we experimented with adding Curly Hair Custard into the rotation. 

Steps to Create Beach Waves

Here's how it worked - she started the day with her normal routine of Leave-In Conditioner.  Then after spending a few hours in the water and while her hair was still wet, she separated her hair into 4 sections of hair (she has a ton of hair!) and applied about a half-ounce of Curly Hair Custard to her wet hair about an inch from the roots and worked her way down.  She detangled with her fingers, but a wide-toothed comb would have sped up the process.  The Curly Hair Custard has great slip, so this worked well.  Then she scrunched her hair and let it air dry.  The result was awesome beach waves, with NO FRIZZ, that lasted throughout the day.





More TIPS for the Pool or Beach!

Always put Leave-in Conditioner or Daily Conditioner in your hair before getting into the water. Your hair works like a sponge, so you want to fill the sponge (your hair) with good stuff (Leave-in Conditioner or Daily Conditioner) BEFORE getting into the water. This will help keep you from getting damage from chlorine. Chlorine will leave your hair with a slimy film and can discolor it as well. If your hair is color treated and you are getting into the ocean, it helps protect the color as well.  A great benefit is getting to use the products in combination with the sun to pamper your tresses by conditioning! It's a good idea to re-apply just like you would your sunscreen to keep your hair at its optimum moisture level. If you or your kids are not as diligent as you had hoped to protect your hair from the chlorine, don't sweat it! You can use our Super DETOX shampoo . . .the Clarifying Rescue Treatment to get the junk out and reset your hair!!! So, a toast to the natural elements (sun! wind! sea!) and another to cocktailing the right combination of products for your very best results - and keeping those beautiful beach waves all day! Go to our store to find the right products for you!

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