Curly Hair Products

Curly Hair Products

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Gentle ShampooGentle Shampoo
Gentle Shampoo
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Salon Gentle ShampooSalon Gentle Shampoo
Salon Gentle Shampoo
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Detox ShampooDetox Shampoo
Detox Shampoo
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FuzzyDuck Kids Shampoo and Body WashFuzzyDuck Kids Shampoo and Body Wash
FuzzyDuck Kids Shampoo and Body Wash
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Daily ConditionerDaily Conditioner
Daily Conditioner
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Salon Daily ConditionerSalon Daily Conditioner
Salon Daily Conditioner
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Leave-In ConditionerLeave-In Conditioner
Leave-In Conditioner
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Co-Wash Cleansing ConditionerCo-Wash Cleansing Conditioner
Salon Deep ConditionerSalon Deep Conditioner
Salon Deep Conditioner
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FuzzyDuck Kids ConditionerFuzzyDuck Kids Conditioner
FuzzyDuck Kids Conditioner
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FuzzyDuck Kids Detangle and Leave-InFuzzyDuck Kids Detangle and Leave-In
MopTop Curly Hair Custard New Brand 8oz JarCurly Hair Custard
Curly Hair Custard
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Mongongo OilMongongo Oil
Mongongo Oil
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Salon Anti-Frizz GelSalon Anti-Frizz Gel
Salon Anti-Frizz Gel
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FuzzyDuck Kids Gel
FuzzyDuck Kids Gel
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Curly Hair Bundle
Curly Hair Bundle
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L.O.C. Hair Bundle
L.O.C. Hair Bundle
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Curl Enhancer GelCurl Enhancer Gel
Curl Enhancer Gel
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Our curated selection of curly hair products will leave you astounded with your lightweight, bouncy, and frizz-free curls! You'll love every moment of your new favorite curly routine thanks to maximum hold, moisture, and shine without unwanted heaviness or crunch.

Junk Free TM

NO Sulfates

NO Dyes

NO Phthalates

NO Silicones


How do I control frizz with curly (3a - 3c) hair?

Frizz occurs when there is a lack of moisture in the hair shaft, and there is friction present to separate the curls. Frizz can be controlled by using a leave in conditioner or a styling product, such as curly hair custard, that is designed to encourage the curls to stick together.

What is the LOC method? How do you apply the products?

The MopTop LOC method calls for our leave-In conditioner, mongongo oil, and curly hair custard. If your hair performs well using creams and oils, then you will want to use more leave-In conditioner and mongongo oil, and less curly hair custard. If you are too heavy-handed with the curly hair custard, it can dry flaky. A quick fix would be a spritz or water or oil to add moisture and eliminate flakes, and then use less custard going forward.


Step 1: On WET hair, apply a quarter to a half dollar size of Leave-in Conditioner to shoulder length hair [adjust accordingly for shorter/longer hair]
Step 2: 3-4 drops of Mongongo Oil
Step 3: Apply a nickel to a quarter size of Curly Hair

Custard to shoulder length hair [adjust accordingly for shorter/longer hair]
For the Curly Hair Custard, apply root to end, making sure all sections and strands are covered. Scrunch your hair and DO NOT touch until 80% dry, whether diffused or air dried (curls are friends and they LIKE to be together while they “Set”), then scrunch and go.

General Guidelines:
Texture: The more curly or tighter the texture, the wetter your hair should be when applying a styler (so wavy hair can be damp) AND wavy, curly and tighter coiled hair will use more product.

Length: The longer the hair, the more product you will use.
Color: If too much product is applied to darker hair, flaking will be easier to see. Use a spray water bottle to dilute, and next time don’t use as much!

Porosity: A lower porosity hair will use less of our gel -based products, and more of our cream-based products and oil.

Remember: A little goes a long way, even with a lot of hair, so try applying with a light-hand until you understand how the products will work in your hair! If you have questions, we are only an email away.

Do these products contain chemicals?

No, these products are chemical free and do not contain ingredients like parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

What do I do if I experience crunchy and/or flaky hair?

You most likely have low porosity hair and crunchiness and/or flakiness is going to occur no matter what hair gel product you use. The secret is to use water, a diffuser, or mongongo oil.