Conditioner Products

Conditioner Products

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moptop Daily Conditioner bottle 8ozDaily Conditioner
Daily Conditioner
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Leave-In ConditionerLeave-In Conditioner
Leave-In Conditioner
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Salon Daily ConditionerSalon Daily Conditioner
Salon Daily Conditioner
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Light ConditionerLight Conditioner
Light Conditioner
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Curly Hair Bundle
Curly Hair Bundle
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Salon Deep ConditionerSalon Deep Conditioner
Salon Deep Conditioner
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FuzzyDuck Kids ConditionerFuzzyDuck Kids Conditioner
FuzzyDuck Kids Conditioner
Sale price$15.00
FuzzyDuck Kids Detangle and Leave-InFuzzyDuck Kids Detangle and Leave-In
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Curly Hair Care BundlesGentle Shampoo 8oz and Daily Conditioner 8oz
Curly Hair Care Bundles
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L.O.C. Hair Bundle
L.O.C. Hair Bundle
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Kinky-Coily Hair Bundle
Kinky-Coily Hair Bundle
Sale price$64.00 Regular price$71.99

Revitalize your frizzy, dry, damaged, and even color-treated hair with our line of rejuvenating conditioners. Leverage the power of Mother Nature's finest ingredients to restore shine, moisture, and manageability to any hair type or texture.

Junk Free TM

NO Sulfates

NO Dyes

NO Phthalates

NO Silicones


Why does the salon line come in a 32oz size?

Our original intention with the 32oz Salon Conditioner was to have it available for stylists to use on their back bar. We have since discovered that clients quite like having the larger size available to them as well!

Why would I choose to use a leave-In instead of leaving in the daily conditioner?

The leave-In conditioner will add moisture without weighing down the hair. The daily conditioner can also be used as a leave-in however some textures will find it too heavy.

How often should I switch my conditioner to prevent buildup?

You should use a detox shampoo to avoid build up, not switch conditioners. We offer a great detox shampoo for people to get rid of unwanted build up in their hair.

Is it necessary to use conditioner every time I wash my hair?

Using conditioner every time you wash your hair is not necessary; the frequency should be based on your hair type, condition, and personal preferences, with considerations such as co-washing, climate, and product selection influencing your decision.