Easy Deep Condish in the Summer!

During the summer when I'm at the pool or beach hanging out with my kids catching a few rays (I know I'm NOT supposed to do that, but we DO use sunscreen!), I LOVE to do a deep conditioning treatment.

One of my favorite customers —  thank you Jen Myers! —  gave me this tip, and I LOVE it!

Warning: You will use a lot of product on this one, but the results are great!

Put the deep conditioner on your DRY hair, from root to end. Then sit back and enjoy the warm breeze of the ocean (lucky you!), or the lovely sound of kids laughing and playing, or if you get a few moments of lovely solitude, a great book!

The scent of the deep conditioner is so relaxing! Truly your own mini-spa retreat! Sit as long as you like and let the warm sun do it's magic, then rinse with cool to cold water and add your favorite gel or leave-in to style!

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