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"Four" Your Hair: 4 Simply Steps for Your Hair!

Free your hair from frizz and let your natural curls shine with MopTop Haircare. Carefully formulated from all-natural ingredients, our line of curl-loving products work with your hair’s characteristics to bring out its unique personality and natural beauty.

When it comes to your hair, being a show-off is a good thing! Start your MopTop “Four Your Hair” routine today. 

Rid your hair of the icky stuff. Use MopTop Clarifying Rescue Treatment every 8 weeks to remove silicone, waxes and everyday pollutants that can build-up in your hair. It’s time to reset and restore your hair to its strong, natural state. See it in action!




Get oh-so clean with MopTop Gentle Shampoo. Unlike some shampoos, MopTop doesn’t contain sulfates and other harsh detergents that strip your hair of its natural oils. Light lather means a gentle touch — exactly what your hair needs to stay frizz free. See it in action!


Feed your hair the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and beautiful. Designed to reduce frizz and lock in moisture, MopTop Conditioners nourish naturally to show off your hair’s captivating shine and leave it irresistibly soft. See it in action!


The finishing touch! Make your hair a showstopper with MopTop styling products. Whether you’re looking for extra hold or to enhance those curls, our two-step styling process adds moisture and definition to create your dream hair. No towel needed. Simply apply to soaking wet hair, scrunch and dry. Looking this good has never been so easy. See it in action!

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