How to Control your Hair in Humid Conditions!

Humidity or Bust!!

Humidity is upon us!!!! My youngest daughter is a dancer and we were in Galveston for a dance competition. I have no idea why it surprised me so much but it did… The HUMIDITY, Holy Cow… so dancing on a team requires a bit of coordination and precision of moves, outfits along with hair and make-up. It is very powerful to see such a wide variety of young ladies come together so well and perform as one unit. For this to be we have to straighten her hair so that they can be similar and unified. There are all sorts of things that can be said about "having to" straighten her hair, and I'm not here to debate that. This is a team that loves each other and want to pull together on a unified front to compete, I LOVE watching these young ladies and gentleman come together and have so much fun with each other. Outside of this they are silly beautiful young ladies and gentleman that embrace exactly How they are Created and celebrate their differences.

Ok, on to humidity, water supply, minerals in the water, products, ingredients… Oh My! The water where we were staying was hard "oops-in the video I said soft!". The humidity was at 75%, we used silicone based products to provide the thermal protection NEEDED when straightening hair. Quick hair lesson: Hair burns at 451F [degrees Fahrenheit], the flat irons get to 450F… do not kid yourself… this is by design! AND heat damage is Cumulative… therefore IF you heat damage your hair the next time it will not take as muck heat to cause MORE damage. LESSON: use silicone when using heat on your hair! I could totally Nerd out right now and tell you how silicone is made, but I will control myself.

Hair will Seek the moisture in the hair if you do not Fill it. So we use aloe to add moisture [it's the oldest most natural ingredient out there], Sea Botanicals [seaweed] to coat the hair shaft, and Honey to add more moisture [fun fact- it keeps hair cleaner, longer] . It can take your hair a few days to adjust to the different conditions, and with more humidity you may have to get used to bigger hair. I do LOVE how my hair changes… it truly fits my personality. I can style my hair pretty predictably now, but it is definitely in my nature to go for the change!

Quick Beach/Summer/Water Tips:

1. when getting into saltwater or chlorine water try to add a little product just before you get in, then re-apply when you get out. I love to take a spray bottle with water and conditioner or leave-in or custard to treat my hair!

2. if you get into the chlorine, make sure you do a Detox treatment after, it is specifically designed with chelation agents.

3. if you use a silicone based product, make sure you treat it with Detox shampoo occasionally to manage build-up…Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair!

4. Have FUN, embrace the added texture! Marilyn Monroe said it best! " Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

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