Much Ado About How We Shampoo

How Often Should I Shampoo My Hair?

Ask someone how often they shampoo their hair and it can be akin to asking how much they weigh or who they’re going to vote for this fall. It’s personal. Everyone’s hair is different, from texture to porosity to the amount of natural oils they produce, so the frequency of shampooing is also different. Whether you shampoo daily (tsk tsk!), every 2-3 days, or only co-wash, the goal we all have is CLEAN HAIR, but sometimes we focus too much on lather.

Does Lather Matter?

Let me expel a myth for you. Lather does NOT equal clean. The way shampoo works is that it encapsulates or grabs hold of the oil and dirt on the hair and then washes it down the drain.

Think PacMan eating power pellets (whompah-whompah-whompah).

If there is NOT a lot of lather, the shampoo is doing its job, collecting the oil and dirt, and cleansing the hair.

If there IS a lot of lather, that means there wasn’t a lot of oil or dirt on the hair to be cleaned, or that your shampoo contains sulfates (harsh detergents found in laundry soap, dish detergents, etc.), which create lots of suds.

Gentle Shampoo, Co-Wash, and Clarifying Rescue Treatment

Our naturally formulated shampoos are low-lather. Rather than using sulfates (which have an abundance of lather) in our shampoos, we opt for a more natural cleaning agent – honey. Honey helps keep hair cleaner, longer. If you were a duck in an oil spill, you’d want a shampoo or detergent with sulfates to strip off the oil. For a more gentle, natural clean, opt for MopTop.

MopTop Gentle Shampoo – for every day use

MopTop Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner – for second- and third-day hair

MopTop Clarifying Rescue Treatment (CRT) – our “super” shampoo – designed to remove yucky build-up caused by minerals, silicone, chlorine, shea butter, or other product build-up

And in the spirit of something for everyone, we also offer a tear-free shampoo from our natural children’s haircare line.



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