Over-Conditioned Hair? Clarify, Clarify, Clarify!

There are so many variables that affect the health of our hair. Over the next few weeks, we’ll touch on a few of the biggest offenders. This week the focus is Over-Conditioned Hair.

Conditioning is one of the best things we can do for our hair. For more textured hair, sometimes the drive to ensure the hair is conditioned enough can backfire – the daily conditioner, deep conditioner, oils and butters, and even hard water can cause an extra layer of product residue build-up that becomes impenetrable so that the good stuff can no longer be absorbed into the hair follicle to do its job.

When you over-condition your hair, it becomes weighted and limp, looks dirty (even when it’s not), can flatten the hair around the roots, and cause the curl pattern to relax some of its spring.

Sometimes too much of a good thing is just that – too much of a good thing. The SOLUTION: clarify.

Use a good clarifying shampoo to “detox” once every 4-6 weeks (or more often for extreme build-up) to re-set the hair to its natural state and start off with a clean slate. This allows products, including conditioner, to work better for your hair. It’s also a great idea to clarify right before applying color to your hair – with all the residue removed, a good clarifying treatment will allow your hair to absorb the color better, last longer, and look more vibrant.

Get to know your hair to get the best from it – and start off with a good clarifying re-set!

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