Tips for Taming Frizz

Step 1: Cleanse Wash hair with MopTop Gentle Shampoo, focus lather on the scalp. Rinse well! Or "co-wash" –  wash with conditioner. See next step for details.

Step 2: Condition Wring out excess water 1st! Condition with MopTop Daily Conditioner or MopTop Light Conditioner or MopTop Deep Conditioner. Comb through hair with fingers or wide tooth comb. Leave conditioner in until body is washed. Finish bath/shower by rinsing hair, leave some conditioner in hair . . . NOT on scalp.

Step 3: Style Apply one of our styling products (MopTop Light Hold Anti-Frizz Gel, Medium Hold Anti-Frizz Gel, FuzzyDuck Anti-Frizz Gel or MopTop Leave-It-In Conditioner) to hands and rub together. Rake through hair with fingers adding more product to the hair as needed. All hair types are different, the amount of product needed from roots to ends may vary greatly depending on your hair. Use what you think is too much product for the first time and adjust from there. Then scrunch. Let hair air dry or use a diffuser if necessary. DO NOT touch hair until dry. Scrunch again.

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