JunkFree Hands Hand Sanitizer

MopTop Hair was created after owner Kelly Foreman was teased for years due to her frizzy, wildly curly, uncontrollable “MopTop”. As she started her own family and saw her girls inherit varying textures of her hair, she was determined to come up with a solution to enhance and manage the beauty of natural curls.

In an effort to protect her girls from feeling the way she felt as a kid bullied in school, Kelly decided to do something about it. The same rings true today, but this time, it has to do with you and your health!

In March, hand sanitizer was flying off the shelf faster than Curly Hair Custard on Black Friday! This presented a major challenge for anyone looking to get their hands on anything that would help defend themselves against germs and this ruthless virus.

The challenge continued as the availability of supplies like face masks, gloves, and surface cleaner plummeted and shelves all over the country were left empty. This not only became a problem for those looking to keep their family and home safe, but for business owners who even if deemed, “essential,” could not stay in business if they failed to adhere to high standards of cleanliness due a lack of supplies.

Supplies have been backlogged and can take weeks on end for small business to receive.

JunkFree Hands Hand Sanitizer is just our first step in leveling the playing field for small and medium sized businesses as they hunt for supplies in the fight to stay open. 

Colorful disinfectant bottle by MopTop Junk Free Office

Launching next month, we will be rolling out a full JunkFree Office program designed for business owners who are looking for everything they need (hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and surface cleaner) to be delivered to their door in one package.

No inflated prices. No searching the internet for hours to find available products. Just your friendly MopTop curl gang helping you tame more than just your hair.

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving more information on our JunkFree Office products, send us an email at hello@moptophair.com!


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