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One of the best things about MopTop is connecting with our community of natural haircare fans on social media. The incredibly honest, funny, brave, and beautiful guys and gals we follow are so inspiring to watch and learn from; we love picking up new curl-saving tips and tricks from them all the time!

When you’re just getting started in your own curl journey, finding great curl influencers can help you discover the routine, products, and styles that work for your hair type. Below, we’re sharing a few of our longtime favorite Insta-ladies. We recommend giving them a follow if you don’t follow them already!


Amber, the mom of two behind @curly.mamma offers real-life perspective from her home base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you’re just starting out with the Curly Girl Method, her account (with over 31,000 followers) has great beginner tips! We also love her DIY apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse for a healthy scalp and her tutorial for a hair “pineapple” for sleeping with curls (sounds weird, but trust us: it works!). Amber is down-to-earth and relatable in the best way. She isn’t afraid to share the day-to-day we all can relate to (whether that’s postpartum hair loss, workout triumphs and fails, or living a transparent life on social media). 


Karen’s Instagram bio sums up why we love keeping up with her life:


👩🏻‍🦳Dye free 10.10.18

❤️Encouraging women & promoting healthy living in body, mind and soul!

⏰ 46 yr old mom of 4 and wife to my jr. high sweetheart


The gorgeous gal behind @gratefulandgray is breaking the stereotypes around graying hair. For over a year and a half she’s documented her journey of embracing natural gray hair and giving up the dye jobs for good. The results are not just gray, but gorgeous. Her platinum gray hair looks healthy and beautiful, and she’s always a good reminder that embracing what you’ve got is always easier (and sometimes a lot more beautiful!) than fighting against it. 


MaryAnn is like that fun neighbor or friend who always has the best tips. Whether she’s showing you how to rock curly bangs, mastering cute updos, or pulling together Mom-approved OOTDs, it’s always something worth bookmarking. If you have short hair, and looser curls or waves, MaryAnn of @goodgravyitswavy is a must-follow for sure!


Lauren Marie, the Denver-based curly girl behind @wavytwistycurly is a go-getter. She created the #CurlyinColorado Meetup which gives people embracing their natural curls a place to meet up, talk hair routines, swap products, and get to know each other. She’s another great resource for people just starting out on their curly journey. As someone who focuses on plant-based living, she recently told us the reason she loves using MopTop products is because she “never has to second guess what’s inside. The ingredients are always clean and safe for my curls!”


Delilah of @holisticenchilada knows and shares her love of natural beauty, makeup, and haircare tips from her hometown of Orlando, Florida. For great videos and tutorials, her IGTV videos or Youtube channel is a sure bet. She documents everything from her favorite skincare products for dry skin, blue eyeliner tutorial, budget curly girl method routine, and lots more curly hair tips.

 Delilah is the first to tell you that not everything that’s popular or trendy works for her hair, which is just fine with her. She says, “My biggest tip to anyone embracing their natural hair is to not compare your hair to others...no one else’s hair is just like yours, and your hair is unlike anyone else’s. You can’t replicate someone else’s results, so don’t try; focus on your hair and soon enough you’ll be happy with it.”

We couldn’t agree more.


Brooke is a dancer, fitness instructor and mom of two boys, but she’s also always a breath of fresh air on our feed. Her posts inspire and uplift us (and usually leave us wanting to turn up the music and dance). She is a true MopTop devotee, using only MopTop products to achieve her curly look that holds up after long days of workout classes and school pickups. 

One of @brookeweinst's recent posts summed up her bright, infectious energy perfectly: 

My favorite quote used to be, “Dance like nobody is watching.” Now, I’ve changed my thoughts.

Dance like EVERYONE is watching!

Cause why the hell not? ✨It’s ok to sparkle my friends ✨

YOU do YOU! And never apologize for that.

We could go on telling you about all the awesome women we’ve connected with on Instagram, but we want to hear from you! Message us and let us know: who’s your current Instagram curl crush?

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