Summer Curls -- Top Tips to Avoid Frizz in the Humidity!
It's almost that time of year when the weather has the power to decide the fate of your hairdo…

Just imagine... your curls are bouncy and defined, you're ready to go, but as soon as you step outside, poof! Your hair is ruined with frizz and fluff from all of the humidity in the air! 

No matter your hair type, chances are you’ve seen and felt the wrath of a SUPER humid day on your hair.  So why does humidity torch our hairstyling dreams and why does it affect you more than others? Look no further for the scoop on the best tips and products to combat frizz!

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Humidity and Frizz

When we hear of a day with high-humidity, that means there are more water droplets in the air than on days that are less humid. The more humid it is, the more potential there is for frizz for some people. 


The cuticle, or outer layer of the hair strand, acts as a protective barrier for moisture. When the curls are strong, hydrated and healthy, the cuticle actively opens to allow moisture in. The layer then reseals itself once it receives the necessary moisture, locking the hydration in!


Curls that are healthy and hydrated, and hair that has low porosity, aren't as affected by humidity. On the other hand, damaged strands and hair with high porosity can have more of a tendency for the cuticle layer to break. This allows the hair to bring in a lot of moisture but it can also lose it quickly because the cuticle cannot reseal. 


This also means that high humidity can affect damaged hair more so than healthy hair, because the hair shaft will expand to take on more moisture, but won't be able to seal it in. This leads to further breakage, leaving our curls frizzy and dry. 


Our hair desires moisture but if it is damaged or naturally has a high porosity, it's more likely that the curls are not equipped to retain that moisture. 


Humidity Hacks!


While we can’t always avoid humidity, there are solutions to the frizz and friction that are caused from it. More important than a solution for after the frizz sets in, we can prevent the frizz from taking over by locking hydration in before we even leave the house! 


A good place to start is to hydrate the curls. Use MopTop Leave-In Conditioner to lock in moisture and ensure that the cuticle layer closes. Our leave-in conditioner sets your curls and is strong enough to penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize the strands from inside and out. 


Another great tip is to let your curls completely dry before stepping out into the humidity. This ensures that the hair shaft is closed and won't immediately take on extra moisture that is hanging in the air. 


The best way to keep the cuticle smooth and ensure the hair retains moisture is to dry your curls with a cotton t-shirt. Most towels can rough up the cuticle and drain too much water from the curls, leaving them susceptible to damage and drying out. Try out the t-shirt method and your curls will thank you!

Product images of MopTop Medium Hold Gel, MopTop Curly Hair Custard, and MopTop Leave-In Conditioner

Now your hair is moisturized, completely dry and ready for the humidity-- or is it? Before leaving the house, fight the frizz and humidity and lock in hydration by applying MopTop’s Curly Hair Custard to your strands!

The Curly Hair Custard will lock in your style and ensures a defined hold that offers a soft touch. You won't have to worry about your hair feeling greasy, sticky or hard! 

To top it off, for added definition and hydration, try out our Medium Hold Gel. This anti-frizz formula is best applied to the hair when wet and locks in necessary moisture to keep your curls healthy and hydrated, all while blocking out excess moisture from humidity! 

Your Turn to Try!

So what are you waiting for?! There's no need to hide those curls this season! Try out our tips, our best-selling MopTop products, and help those curls keep their cool amidst the humidity!

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