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Experience the MopTop Difference

MopTop is made for all hair types and textures, from thin, fine, and straight locks to thick, kinky-coily curls, in any condition, including dry, frizzy, colored, or chemically treated hair. Featuring all-natural, chemical-free ingredients, MopTop products give you the confidence to embrace your beauty, naturally. 

The MopTop Mission

Our mission is to inspire others to embrace their natural beauty, to promote self-confidence, and to rise above life’s challenges.

Find Your Voice.  Rise Above.

Ingredients YOU WON'T FIND in MopTop Products:


Sulfates are harsh cleansing agents that can quickly dry out hair, increase the likelihood of fading color, and leave you with tangles and frizz. 


Silicones and waxes create buildup on the hair shaft and can only be removed by stripping the hair and all the natural oils that keep hair hydrated.


Alcohol depletes hair of its natural moisture, and while synthetic dyes may make products look pretty, they coat hair with harmful junk.


Parabens are preservatives that give products an extra-long shelf life, while phthalates are used in synthetic fragrances that irritate the scalp. 

*Except in the Salon Daily Conditioner


We strive to have as little impact on the earth AND your body as possible. Not only are our products free of the "yucky" stuff, but we use biodegradable peanuts in each of our shipments.


Though our products are made with safe and natural ingredients, like honey, aloe, and sea botanicals, we believe that animals should never be brought into testing labs.

Meet MopTop

MopTop is a small, women-owned business, with BIG FISH ideas and aspirations. Our business is hair care, so it is only fitting that we are based in Texas, the original big-hair state!


Kelly is the Founder, Owner and Creative Genius behind the MopTop and FuzzyDuck brands. With her naturally kinky-coily curls, she is the inspiration for the original curly misfit. She lives the brand authentically, embracing her natural beauty and enthusiastically encouraging others to do the same. Kelly is a human blur, ALWAYS in motion. In her spare time, she runs, yogas, paces, assembles things, disassembles things, and considers buying more things to assemble and disassemble. You can usually find her with a chunky smoothie in one hand while wielding a tool of some kind in the other (ANY excuse!). Favorite MopTop product? That’s like asking her to choose her favorite child, but one favorite routine is to cocktail the Leave-In Conditioner with Curly Hair Custard for more lift, softer feel, and the mental escape she gets when breathing in the fresh, citrusy smells.


Lynda is our Accountant and in-house yogi, and the only member of the Gang with three passports, just in case things don’t work out at MopTop!  She specializes in getting others to “show her the money”, tracking inventory to the last ounce (LITERALLY), and keeping us balanced (our checkbook, as well as our sense of well-being!).  When not at MopTop, Lynda teaches yoga, rescues and fosters cats, and zips about her neighborhood on her scooter, curls tucked neatly beneath her skull-head helmet.  Her favorite word is Ridiculous!, always with an exclamation point, and thinks that if peanut butter isn’t the answer, then chocolate certainly is.  Lynda is our other naturally curly girl and loves the Daily Conditioner and a generous portion of the Curly Hair Custard to bring out the best in her shoulder-length natural curls.  Ohmmmm…