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Love MopTop! I fought with my hair all my life and now we are at peace. Thank you!

Lara, Oklahoma

MopTop Magic

With curly hair there are definite stages in life. There’s the “Omygosh how-cute-is-that” stage, there’s the “you’re-so-lucky” stage, the “what’s-up-with-that-hair” stage, the “do-anything-to-make-it-straight” stage, and the “clip-back-or-cover” stage. Somehow it’s never quite right. Ridicule rules through youth & teen years and it can hurt. MopTop Hair gets it…

Laura, Texas

Recently my sister bought the MopTop Gentle Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, and Leave-In Conditioner. So last weekend when she went out of town I decided it was time! I borrowed (cough, cough) her products and I fell in love. Your products left my hair shiny and my kinky hair moisturized & healthy! The only bad part was having to return the products back to my sister.

Janelle, Florida

I have super straight hair, zero curl but my daughter has beautiful curly hair. For years she was a frizzy hair ball. I just didn’t know how to tame it. We have tried a variety of products but nothing solid. So I bought this and she used it last night and she FELL IN LOVE! [...] Once her shampoo and conditioner run out we are buying that next! Thank you!

Leslie, Texas

My hair absolutely loves your conditioners! I know I mentioned that before but I’m in awe. When I use the conditioner during my wash plus the gel or custard my hair turns out amazing! I love the Medium Hold Gel but paired with the conditioner the results are even better.

Keyla, Colorado

Holy curls I am so impressed with this product! I have Hagrid-esque textured hair and it usually takes some industrial strength gel and prayers to get my curls looking cute. I’m not sure what sorcery must be involved in this product, but my curls look defined and dare I even say HYDRATED.

Jessica, MopTop Customer

I am a wash and go girl so this line is perfect for me.  The shampoo cleans my hair and scalp well without over drying. The leave-in conditioner is absolutely amazing for it immediately nourishes my hair with shine and defines my coils. The gel smells so good and applies to my hair with great slip.

Karina, New York

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