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Frequently Asked Questions

Salon vs. Natural
What is the Difference?

MopTop Salon products are:

  • Rich, salon-grade products that are ultra-emollient and are more highly concentrated
  • Paraben-free, with the exception of the Salon Daily Conditioner
  • Formulated with aromatic herbal scents, like Lavender Mint and Lemon Sage
  • Available in retail sizes (2-12 oz.) and salon sizes (32 oz.), ranging from $9.99 to $46

MopTop Natural products are:

  • Infused with natural, hydrating ingredients like aloe, sea botanicals, and honey
  • Free of Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Dyes, Silicone, Wheat and Soy
  • Formulated with refreshing, citrus scents, like Citrus Medley, Bamboo, and Kumquat Essence
  • Available in retail sizes from 6-16 oz., ranging from $9.99 to $34

What Are Your Key Ingredients?

One of the oldest moisturizing agents, aloe has soothing properties that make it a great base for any hair product.

Harvested off the temperate coast of Brazil, our sea botanicals coat the hair shaft to help lock in moisture for all hair types.

Hydrating honey seals the hair cuticle with moisture and balances natural oils to help keep hair cleaner for longer.

Are MopTop Products...


MopTop products are free of harsh sulfates, the top culprit for color-stripping. 


Absolutely! MopTop NEVER tests on animals. We believe animals have no place in testing labs.


To have as little impact on the earth AND your body as possible, MopTop is made with natural, junk-free ingredients.


Natural ingredients don't last forever, but MopTop products have a generous 18-24 month shelf-life. 

Where can I buy MopTop Products?

MopTop products can be purchased at our online store, via the MopTop Amazon brand store, and at the stores listed on the store locator map. These are the only authorized dealers of MopTop products and they have committed to handling the product appropriately. We can not stand behind product purchased elsewhere.

What's up with the #yesmoptop hashtag?

You may have seen the hashtag #yesmoptop floating around social media and wondering, "what does this mean?!" Our amazing community is constantly tagging us in their wavy, curly, coily selfies and we love to feature you on our page! When asking permission to use our customers' photos on our social media channels, we ask that they respond back with #yesmoptop to give their consent.

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