COVID-19 Response

Here at MopTop, we are all about turning lemons 🍋into lemonade and finding the beauty in every situation! …especially when that lemon is found in the anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes at MopTop HQ 😉

If you think we are OCD about our curls, you should see how crazy we are with our sanitation!

Adhering to all CDC guidelines:

  • MopTop HQ only has 1-2 employees present on any given day, operating 6+ feet away from one another
  • All employees are monitoring their temperature and instructed to stay home if they feel ill or exhibit any symptoms
  • Our team partakes in strict and timely hand sanitation 

We choose to put health and safety first in limiting the amount of employees present. However, this does result in slower than usual shipping times - and here - we ask for your patience 🙏

To thank you AND help flatten the curve, we encourage you to stay home (sounds like a good excuse to perfect your wash day routine! 😍) and enjoy the hand sanitizer wipes we are including with ALL orders made starting next week!* And last but not least 👉 Amazon is receiving an influx of orders and deliveries are being limited to “vital items” of which hair care is still included, but sufficiently delayed.

To receive your products shipped from MopTop HQ in COLLEYVILLE, TX and avoid longer than usual Amazon ship times - order from our website! 💫

Thank you for your patience, we are doing as much as we can to keep your curls THRIVING! 💚💚💚 *While supplies lasts