Here are some tips and tricks for curly hair!

Refreshing Curly Hair

  • Skip the shampoo and instead mix equal parts leave-in conditioner and water in a spray bottle.
  • Spritz the conditioner mixture throughout the hair layers to add extra moisture.
  • Scrunch the hair to revive the curl pattern and avoid touching it until 80% dry.
  • Once 80% dry, scrunch the hair again to release the curl pattern for soft, hydrated locks.

Deep Conditioning (Every 2-3 Weeks)

  • Use a good deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture and enhance the spring in your curl pattern.

Tips to Avoid Frizz in Humidity

  • Adapt to the environment by layering products and adding extra steps when needed.
  • Experiment with different products like the Curly Hair Custard to combat frizz and maintain defined curls.

Bedtime Tips - Clipping or Plopping

  • Try clipping your hair on top of your head or plopping with a cotton t-shirt to reduce friction and maintain the curl pattern overnight.

Tips for Managing Hair Breakage

  • Shampoo every other day to keep hair clean but not dried out.
  • Use dry shampoo on Day 2 for volume and lift at the roots.
  • Blow dry hair upside down for additional volume and style as usual.

Hair Care Routine

For a great hair care routine for curly hair, moptop suggests the following steps:

  • Use the moptop Gentle Shampoo to cleanse your hair. Focus on massaging the scalp and gently working the shampoo through the lengths of your hair.
Deep Condition (Optional)
  • Once every 2-3 weeks, treat your curls to a deep conditioning treatment to nourish and hydrate them deeply.
  • Allow your hair to air dry whenever possible to reduce heat damage. If using a diffuser, set it on low heat and speed to dry your curls gently.
  • Use the tips for refreshing curly hair shared earlier to maintain your curls between wash days.
  • Consider clipping your hair on top of your head or plopping with a cotton t-shirt to protect your curls while sleeping.
  • Trim your hair regularly to prevent split ends and maintain the health of your curls.


Here are five products we recommend for curly hair: 

  1. moptop Gentle Shampoo: A natural shampoo designed for curly hair.
  2. moptop Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner: A natural co-wash specifically for curly hair.
  3. moptop Daily Conditioner: A natural conditioner that is gentle and perfect for curly hair.
  4. moptop Curly Hair Cream: A favorite product for defining and activating curls while reducing frizz.
  5. moptop Anti-Frizz Medium Hold Gel: Ideal for reducing frizz and providing medium hold for curly hair.