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MopTop Gang ~ A BIG Thank You!!

We believe a good hair day can change the world and people make choices in life based on how they feel about themselves. A portion of our profits go to support anti-bullying programs whether it's on the playground or behind closed doors. Thank you for helping us make a difference in other people’s lives!

~ Have a Beautiful Day ~





Kelly is the Founder, Owner and Creative Genius behind the MopTop and FuzzyDuck brands. With her naturally kinky-coily curls, she is the inspiration for the original curly misfit. She lives the brand authentically, embracing her natural beauty and enthusiastically encouraging others to do the same. Kelly is a human blur, ALWAYS in motion. In her spare time, she runs, does yoga, paces, assembles things, disassembles things, and considers buying more things to assemble and disassemble. You can usually find her with a chunky smoothie in one hand while wielding a tool of some kind in the other (ANY excuse!). Favorite MopTop product? That’s like asking her to choose her favorite child, but one favorite routine is to cocktail the Leave-In Conditioner with Curly Hair Custard for more lift, softer feel, and the mental escape she gets when breathing in the fresh, citrusy smells.




Lynda is our Abacus (Bookkeeper) and in-house yogi, and the only member of the Gang with three passports, just in case things don’t work out at MopTop!  She specializes in getting others to “show her the money”, tracking inventory to the last ounce (LITERALLY), and keeping us balanced (our checkbook, as well as our sense of well-being!).  When not at MopTop, Lynda teaches yoga, rescues and fosters cats, and zips about her neighborhood on her scooter, curls tucked neatly beneath her skull-head helmet.  Her favorite word is Ridiculous!, always with an exclamation point, and thinks that if peanut butter isn’t the answer, then chocolate certainly is.  Lynda is our other naturally curly girl and loves the Daily Conditioner and a generous portion of the Curly Hair Custard to bring out the best in her shoulder-length natural curls.  Ohmmmm…



Kallie is the Wizard (of Oz) behind MopTop’s curtain! She is the glue that holds Operations, Orders, Customer Service and Shipping in place, but when it comes to following the yellow brick road home… outside of the office she is busy keeping tabs on her 3 children, enjoys spending time with her husband and extended family, and exploring new ways to enjoy vegetarian food. A fun and interesting fact is that Kallie has lived all over the world and will travel ANYWHERE to see Steven Tyler in concert! One of her favorite places she has lived is Japan! However, this Oz has finally settled down in Texas (there’s no place like home)! Her go to MopTop product is the Daily Conditioner (Bamboo smell!) and the Salon Medium Hold Gel to keep her loose waves in place.




Skyler is in charge of all things Shipping. Her quick wittiness and since of humor can make just about anyone laugh. Skyler is a kindhearted person who loves to help others. For fun Skyler posts makeup videos on her Instagram @looks_with_sky, she also enjoys all things beauty and hair. Her favorite go to MopTop product is the Gentle Shampoo and Light Conditioner. With her straight hair she enjoys styling it with sassy braids and loose beach waves perfect for when she uses the Curl Enhancer Gel.




Lisa is MopTops very own Jedi in Training! She has a proven track record of diving in deep to any project thrown her way! Lisa’s background varies in marketing, advertising to streamlining organizational processes to obtain growth. In her spare-time she enjoys spending time with her 100 lb Lab Zoey and her husband. Her muse is taking trips to the beach! It’s where you can find her in her true Zen and Relaxation. One of Lisa’s favorite MopTop products, is the Curly Hair Custard! She has naturally wavy hair and the product gives it that extra hold that lasts.




Sarah is MopTop's Intern! She is currently attending The University of Oklahoma, majoring in Marketing. She is enjoying her time with MopTop, as she is gaining experience in a field that she finds very interesting. Fun facts about Sarah, she is a BIG sports fan! She loves attending the OU football games and spending time with her friends. Sarah’s favorite go to MopTop product is the Detox Shampoo, as it saves her hair from grimy water conditions. She also likes the Daily Conditioner, as it gives her hair that perfect moisture, enhancing its natural beauty.