FuzzyDuck Natural

kids’ detangle & leave-in (natural)

This product can be used on wet or dry hair to tame the wildest of feathers, making detangling time easier on everyone and giving your duckling’s hair soft, touchable definition.  Also, great for refreshing your child’s hairstyle when you don’t have time for the whole beautification process.

 Benefits to Your FuzzyDuck?

  • Our products are infused with aloe, sea botanicals, and honey… back to your duck’s natural habitat
  • All ingredients are water-soluble to keep those “feathers” soft and fluffy
  • NO Parabens – no harm to your duck’s habitat
  • NO Sulfates – won’t dry out your duck’s feathers
  • NO Silicones – won’t create build-up on those sweet feathers

Directions for use:  Apply generously to wet hair after conditioning and leave in.  Follow with FuzzyDuck Kids Gel for styling.  So light it helps decrease tangles without weighing down hair.  Style as usual.


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