FuzzyDuck Natural

kids’ gel (natural)

This lightweight, non-oily gel encourages the definition of curls, from wavy to small, tight curls, yet feels like your duckling has nothing on their feathers.  A little control that goes a long way in your hectic day!

Benefits to Your FuzzyDuck?

  • Our products are infused with aloe, sea botanicals, and honey… back to your duck’s natural habitat
  • All ingredients are water-soluble to keep those “feathers” soft and fluffy
  • NO Parabens – no harm to your duck’s habitat
  • NO Sulfates – won’t dry out your duck’s feathers
  • NO Silicones – won’t create build-up on those sweet feathers

Directions for use:  Apply evenly to sectioned wet hair.  Style as usual.  If wearing hair wavy or curly, you may scrunch & air dry or use a diffuser.


More Info, Directions & Ingredients


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