Get the Junk Out with Clarifying Shampoo

Reversing the Chlorine Blues

Last week I blogged about my daughter's recent bout with the "Chlorine Blues" (chlorine build-up that results in dry, tacky, green hair). Like most people, I'm a sucker for before and afters, and especially for happy endings. Here's a reminder of our BEFORE photo from last week: green chlorine       These are the three simple steps we took to tackle the blues and restore her hair to its soft and clean natural state.

Step 1 – Get the JUNK out!

- I felt her hair when it was dry and it felt tacky due to chlorine build-up, yet slimy when wet. (Tip #1 - I did this so I could compare what her hair felt like before and after we had clarified to better understand when product build-up begins to appear and it's time to clarify – once a month should do the job!) - I massaged her wet head to activate the sebaceous glands, then applied about a dime to nickel sized portion of the Clarifying Rescue Treatment (our Super Detox Shampoo). - After massaging the super shampoo in, we let it set on her hair for a couple of minutes. This allows the product time to effectively grab onto and remove the chlorine build-up when rinsed. (Tip #2: More build-up may require multiple treatments.) - Then I rinsed and blotted her hair dry with a t-shirt. Once the chlorine build-up was removed, her hair felt soft and clean.

Step 2 – Rehydrate the Hair

- I applied a GENEROUS amount of the MopTop Natural Daily Conditioner, which has GREAT SLIP, then detangled with a Wet Brush. - Then I clipped her hair on top of her head, covered with a shower cap, and added heat with the hood dryer. (Tip #3: I bought my hood dryer at Sally Beauty - the first one lasted 10 years! This is the second one, and it's huge and not too pretty, but an awesome investment!) - We heated her hair for 15-20 minutes at as high a heat as she could stand to open the cuticle and allow the moisture to further penetrate the hair shaft, then removed the heat and let it cool naturally. - When her hair was cool, we rinsed it in cool water and applied the Curly Hair Custard. This product works well as a good cutting solution, too! We used the hood dryer for an ADDITIONAL 10 minutes to help "set" the curls before trimming!

Step 3 – Clean Up the Ends

- I then trimmed the chlorine-damaged and old, dead tips curl by curl. She LOVES the new shape and cleaned up ends! (Tip #4 – Cleaned up ends make styling so much easier.) It's a tell-tale sign when your hair starts to tangle too easily that it's time for a trim. YOU can do the in-between maintenance trims if you are comfortable with them, but you MUST get a decent pair of shears to trim the hair, not just any pair of scissors. If you are NOT comfortable or it's time for a professional, find someone that specializes in textured hair! It may be a little expensive, but it will be worth it! Remember - most textured clients do not get their hair cut that often, so make sure you find someone good that you trust!

Step 4 - Happy Curls = Happy Girls

- Enjoy your clean, re-set hair and embrace your natural beauty!

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