Savor Your Summer: Anti-Frizz Shortcuts

Fighting Frizz...

...Doesn't have to take all day - try these shortcuts to tame the frizz, make your hair healthier, and build some time back into your day for summer fun!

Time: The Lost Commodity

First and foremost I am a Mom. As other Moms know, that means we put ourselves last in just about everything (except first up in the morning to get everyone else going for the day!). While it's easy to lament what it means to be a Mommy Martyr, it's so much more rewarding to share ideas on how to make the most of our time, shortcuts that work, and ways to make each day simpler and better lived. In short, to help each other! As the heat and humidity of summer linger, here are ways to help eliminate frizz to make your hair more manageable and give you time to add in a few extra yoga poses or to relish an undisturbed cup of coffee, rather than fighting frizz.

Bedtime Tips - Clipping or Plopping

- Try putting your hair in a clip on top of your head and sleeping on a satin pillowcase with a satin ponytail holder on, OR - Try plopping. Plopping is when you shampoo, condition, and apply styling products to your hair, but instead of drying or diffusing, you lay a cotton t-shirt on your bed, lean your head down AS IF you're going to wrap a towel turban-style around your head, but INSTEAD wrap the t-shirt around your head, using the "arms" to tuck it into place (long-sleeves work better). This reduces friction and frizz, and the hair stays in the curl pattern you want and also dries overnight. Do not try plopping with a towel, as this takes out more moisture than you want and can also cause breakage.


LOC bundle Natural

LOCing or Twisting

- Try the MopTop LOC method. This is using Leave-In Conditioner, Oil (in our case, Mongongo Oil) and Curly Hair Custard. This method works to condition, moisturize, eliminate frizz, and provide curl definition. It can be used in general, or also works prior to plopping. - Rather than scrunching, after applying your desired styling product try twisting your hair into the desired curl pattern you want and then when 90% dry, release it from the twists.

Re-Wet to Reactivate Curls without Washing

- For cleansing, we have both a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and a co-wash cleansing conditioner. Our products are water-soluble, so they're great for 2nd and 3rd day hair, in that you can re-wet the hair and reactivate the ingredients to freshen your curls, without additional shampooing. Spritz, scrunch, and let nature do the rest. - You could also try leaving a little bit of the co-wash conditioner in your hair when washing it - so instead of rinsing it out completely, leave enough in so that your hair is a little slick and slimy, but not white. This may provide you with some of the moisture you want and help eliminate frizz. Experiment to get the right amount for your texture.

Anti-Frizz Stylers

- For great hold and volume, we recommend our Medium Hold Gel. Our Curly Hair Custard is also great for hold and is a little more moisturizing, but it is also a little weightier, so choose the best styling product for your hair texture. If you have an uneven curl pattern (i.e., one side is curlier than the other), the Curly Hair Custard might not work as well as the Medium Hold Gel. For uneven curl patterns, try either the gel or custard on the weaker side from HALF-WAY DOWN the hair shaft to the hair ends to see how it does and then you'll be able to adjust accordingly on the stronger curl side to achieve a more unified curl pattern. - For dry, frizzy or flyaway ends, apply a few drops of Mongongo Oil to hair to smooth over the ends (do not apply directly to hair - rub the drops between your hands for a more even application without making hair look coated). This would be done BETWEEN cleansing/conditioning and applying styling products, and can be applied to either wet or dry hair. If you have more textured hair and your hair tends to get frizzy higher up, you may also rub 1-2 drops of Mongongo Oil between your hands, then lightly smooth over the hair, from mid-shaft down to tame frizz and add shine to hair. This is another product where a little bit goes a long way.

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