Be Resilient... And Be Your Best You

Kelly Foreman
Founder, Owner, and Creative Genius behind MopTop Junk-Free Haircare

I was reading an article from The Wall Street Journal this morning and couldn’t help but to think of you. “The Secrets of Resilience.” The article essentially debunked the notion that you have to be given everything perfectly to get ahead. It’s more about using your resources, standing firm, and working with what you have.

I hate the question “Don’t you hate your hair?” Always implying you want what you don’t have and what you have isn’t good enough. That simply is NOT true. We are all created different and beautifully, no mistakes. It seems to me we are called to be who we are, and the best version of that, so here’s my letter to you.


Dear Resilient Woman,

Whether you’ve tasted success or just begun your journey, you know how hard it is. You’re all too familiar with those apparently hopeless moments.

It doesn’t matter if you started from the bottom or got a head-start, failure is inevitable and essential on the way to success. No one “made it” by luck, by circumstance. Mila Kunis didn’t wake up one morning to find she was an A-list actress. She took classes upon classes in LA after leaving the Ukraine with her family at age seven with no more than $250.

Take heart! With your steady spirit, you will not emerge from these trials fruitless. You are more than a rubber band. You don’t just snap back. You pick yourself up and reach higher than before.

These setbacks are nothing but blessings. Reminders to everyone out there that you are no frail damsel. You may not have had any say in where you started… but where you finish is up to you.

Embrace your natural beauty,


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