Embrace Your Inner Beauty: Feel Better, Choose Better, Live Better

I LOVE people, I love to watch people, I love to talk and engage with people… it just makes my heart happy!

You start to notice so many similarities after a while.  One interesting thing I have noticed is no matter the age, ethnicity, hair texture, culture, or socio-economic status, people make choices based on how they feel about themselves.  This is why I choose the ingredients and signature colors and scents I do for MopTop and FuzzyDuck products.  Our hair drives so much of how we feel about ourselves, so I love the idea of improving the routine process of caring for your hair.  If I can make it more enjoyable, more refreshing, more empowering, and help you feel beautiful, I am thrilled.  Feel better, choose better, live better!

You see, I think we have a “sight” problem. We often see ourselves differently than others see us. We are hard on ourselves, and our view/lens tends to be a little more negative.

I believe you are created as a “masterpiece”, a perfect workmanship.  Often I listen to contemporary Christian (WAY FM) or country music, and this weekend I was introduced to this AMAZING song.  I am such a fan-girl over this artist right now!  The musician is Alessia Cara and her song is “Scars to Your Beauty”.  She writes and sings with such real, raw authenticity about her struggles with how others perceive her, and even how she perceives herself.

I LOVE her message! You are BEAUTIFUL inside and out. More important than what’s on the outside is who you are on the inside – that is what matters most. I didn’t fit in growing up because I wasn’t supposed to fit in and neither were you! Do not believe what society says – you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I challenge you to lift up and encourage a friend today AND to be kind to yourself today. What are YOU being called to do?

Well done, Alessia Cara! You are my anthem! I am eager to watch this outstanding young lady’s career thrive!

Please reach out to me if you have a story to share.  We are on this journey together!

Together, we can overcome ANYTHING!

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