Enjoy Your Hair Again!

I was born with very thick, frizzy, kinky-coily curls at a time when society said STRAIGHT, STRAIGHT, STRAIGHT. I got a lot of unwelcome attention and many nicknames throughout my childhood and into my late teens – Fuzzy, Brillo, Poodle, MopTop. I also struggled with my self-esteem. After the face, your hair is the second thing noticed about you before stature or clothes, so it is truly an important factor in building confidence and self-esteem. I invested a lot of time, money, and products in the "fight" before surrendering to my inevitable curls.

Over time I have developed an uncanny ability to study, understand, and solve problems about frizzy hair. You don't need to change your hair – you only need to change your perspective to understand how to work with it to achieve the results you want. Now that I get that, I fully embrace it, and I'm so grateful for the opportunities to help others navigate hair that seems unmanageable so that they can enjoy their hair again.

Our philosophy is very simple – we want to make sure that you have the best products for your hair.  We have made this easy by creating products with thoughtfully selected natural ingredients, and we've included easy-to-identify hair texture icons on our natural product labels.

We've also designed a website that allows you to search and shop by hair texture. 

And if you still have questions, we are only an email or phone call away!

So enjoy your hair again . . . and embrace your natural beauty!


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