Feel Better, Make Better Choices: Write Your Own Story

“If it’s not good, it’s not over.”  Granny Caldwell

As I was woke up this morning, God brought to mind this phrase and I was reminded of a series of situations in my life. 

I’m an optimist by nature, but I’ve padded out my optimistic thinking with actions that will help me stay positive.  I exercise, I eat thoughtfully, I move constantly, I laugh a lot.  I find that the better I feel about myself, the better my day will go and the better choices I’ll make.  Even with all the extra effort, I still don’t have the power to write my own story because life happens. 


Life Is Real

I think if we COULD write our own stories without interference from the world, the universal theme would be EASY.  No broken hearts.  No death.  Financial security.  And keeping our bikini bod into our twilight years without crunching ourselves into a coma.

We’ve all had obstacles flung in our path.  Sometimes one significant event at a time to grapple with, other times a series of events that culminate in a mental rockslide that buries us up to our neck.  I’ve had a foot in both camps.  To give you an example, within a two-year period of my life, I had to deal with the news of a potentially unviable pregnancy to hearing that my unborn child might be riddled with birth defects, months of scary tests and diagnoses, a disabling (for me) birth, physical impairment to the extent of which I was unable to pick-up my child for 18 months, insurance denying coverage, loss of my job, feelings of despondency. 

Not a great patch and not how I would have written it if I’d been the sole author of my story.  At the same time, if I had not been faced with those struggles and challenges, I also may not have taken the same path which has made me stronger, more empathetic toward others, and more rooted in my faith.  Or given me the courage to start my own business.  Or to have another child.  And another!

This business of hair products is truly mission work for me. I BELIEVE that people make decisions in life based on how they feel about themselves. For a female, our hair is our “Crowning Glory” and we often identify “who” we are based on how we feel about ourselves from our top (our hair) to our bottom (literally… but we won’t go there).  The whole “good hair day” mentality is real.  But life isn’t just about good hair days or good hair products.  It’s about the opportunities we are given and the choices we make that cobble together the story of our life, to serve, to inspire, and to be kinder than we have to be… because “If it’s not good, it’s not over.” 

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