How To Care For Your Curls And Your Soul

‘Twas the first week of the year, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even…


Who are we kidding? We hope you were able to reset and take a “long winter’s nap” after all the hustle and bustle that comes along with the holidays. Just like that, it seems like our slowed pace is a thing of the past and we are back to the everyday rush!

Now that you have taken care of everyone else, it is time to care for yourself.

This blog pairs hair care with good for the soul activities that will have both you AND your locks ready to take on the new year ahead.

MopTop Detox Shampoo

  1. Detox Duo 

Hair: The secret to healthy hair is a healthy scalp, and the products you use every day can take a toll! MopTop's Detox Shampoo is formulated with rich, cleansing coconut & restores natural balance to the scalp by removing chlorine, product residue, and oil buildup. No matter your hair texture, detoxing every 4-6 weeks is absolutely necessary!

Soul: Just as important to your health is a personal detox. The need to detox your life is a direct result of being overworked, over scheduled, overwhelmed, and over it! With less time and more responsibilities, it can be easy to go with the flow and simply accept our surroundings, but we encourage you to pause and make a commitment to focus on the things you are grateful for each day.

 MopTop Deep Conditioner

  1. Replenish and Reimagine

Hair: Dive deep into revitalizing hydration with MopTop’s Salon Deep Conditioner. This intensive moisturizing conditioner smooths hair strands with calming aloe and sea botanicals and repairs damage with wheat and soy proteins. 

PRO TIP: Your hair is most susceptible and open to moisture (& color treatments) after you detox your hair! Removed of buildup, it is ready to absorb the deep conditioning treatment more than ever.

Soul: Just like your hair is most ready to accept moisture after a detox, you will likely find your mind post-“life-detox” ready to focus on what you are grateful for and take one day at a time!

Don’t be shy, you deserve all that is coming your way! Share with us the things are grateful for and how you are going to make 2021 the best year yet!


  1. Be Intentional

Hair: A great hair day doesn’t just happen by chance! Here at MopTop we believe a good hair day can change the world, and we do all we can to empower you with the products that will help you get there! Check out these How-To Videos, detailed haircare tips, and the best way to Refresh Curly Hair on our website! 

Soul: Decide ahead of time that you are going to make your day a great one! Journal, meditate, plan ahead… whatever you have to do to radiate positivity and make the most of your days, keep doing that ☺️ 

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