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Summer is here! That means sun, fun, and of course, plenty of pool time. 😎 While diving into a refreshing pool is the perfect escape from the heat, it's no secret that chlorine and saltwater can wreak havoc on our curls. Never fear! We’ve compiled some essential tips to keep your curls healthy and happy all summer long:

Pre-Swim Protection

Before you jump into the pool, let's talk about protecting your hair! Water, especially chlorinated water, tends to strip moisture from our hair, leading to dry, brittle, and frizzy curls. To combat this:

  • Wet your hair with clean water before swimming. This might sound counterintuitive, but pre-wetting your hair with fresh water fills the hair shaft and prevents the absorption of chlorinated water.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner or a protective hair oil. These products form a barrier between your hair and harmful chemicals. Our Daily Conditioner is a fan favorite for its protective properties that keep curls hydrated and less prone to damage.

Swim Caps: Not Just for Pros

Consider wearing a swim cap. While it might not win any fashion awards, wearing a swim cap is a surefire way to protect your curls from chlorine exposure. If you're worried about ruining your style, opt for a swim cap that provides a bit more space and gentleness for your locks.

Post-Swim Care

After you’ve made your splash, it’s crucial to cleanse and treat your hair to prevent chlorine build-up and restore moisture:

  • Rinse thoroughly with clean, lukewarm water as soon as possible after swimming to remove most of the chlorine or salt.
  • Use a detox shampoo. If you’re swimming daily, use once a week to cleanse buildup without stripping natural oils. Our Detox Shampoo is designed to gently remove pool chemicals and hydrate your hair.
  • Deep condition regularly. After clarifying, follow up with a deep conditioning treatment. Try our Deep Conditioner , which penetrates the hair shaft to replenish moisture and essential nutrients lost during your swim.

Daily Hydration

Between swims, keep your hair hydrated with a daily curl refresher. Our Leave-In Conditioner revitalizes curls, restores balance, and adds a layer of protection against environmental damage.

Styling Tips

Embrace easy, protective styles like braids, buns, or ponytails while swimming to minimize tangling and breakage. These styles keep your ends tucked away and reduce the surface area exposed to harmful elements.

Enjoy the Season

Finally, remember to enjoy the season! With the right care, your curls will thrive alongside your summer adventures. Whether you're poolside or beachside, let your curls shine as brightly as the sun.

Curl on and splash into summer—your locks are safeguarded with us!

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Stay Curly! 💛

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