Join MopTop in Recognizing National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

A long time ago I was bullied continually about my hair. Although that was decades ago, the sting is still fresh when I let my head go there.

Those experiences culminated in the eventual creation of MopTop, to empower others to feel confident in their natural beauty, but you don’t need to start a hair care business to make an impact. Let’s address it together. Not just in October, but every month… EVERY DAY!

What Can We Do?

– Start a Chain Reaction of Kindness – Studies have shown that unexpected kindness to others generates a natural chain reaction, whereby those you’ve smiled at, complimented, let have the right-of-way, held the door for, or helped are far more likely to act kinder toward those they come into contact with. Bullying is a result of poor self-esteem, and if we all crank up the NICE factor a few notches and make those around us feel a part of our community, we can make a dent in unkindness.

– Treat Others the Way You Wish to Be Treated – Golden Rule. Enough said!

– If You See Something, Say Something – Be bold and don’t be a bystander. Speak up for those more vulnerable, less fortunate, who are still finding their own voice. If this is a scary proposition for you in your circumstances, ask for help. There is strength in numbers, and the more we address this collectively, as a united front, the greater impact we’ll make.

– Start the Conversation: Wear Blue Every Day in October – Wear blue tops, blue jeans, blue earrings, blue eye shadow (isn’t 80s make-up making a come-back?!). Others will notice and ask why. October gives us the national platform to make a statement. Keep the awareness going (remember – chain reaction!).

Green is my go-to color – but this month please join me in going blue.

Embrace your natural beauty!

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