Jumpstarting Hair Growth: How Supplements May Help

The Rapunzel Complex

When I started the MopTop line, I was experiencing hair loss, and had to really get a grip on what was going on with my hair. I suffer a bit from what I call the “Rapunzel Complex” – this is where I panic at the thought of cutting or losing my hair. I think most women can relate to this sentiment.

Typically, hair will grow 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month on average. Not only was my hair not growing, it was thinning.

As I researched hair loss, it became evident that one big issue for me was that the silicones in the traditional products I used were “laminating” my hair. Also, co-washing was in vogue, and I was only co-washing rather than using shampoos, and that resulted in sebum build-up (i.e., an oily, waxy substance our body produces).

Some degree of product residue on the hair is common for most people. Because almost everyone has residue, I was driven to create a go-to product to clarify, or “super detox”, the hair and scalp.
– By removing build-up from the scalp, hair can grow more freely again.
– By removing build-up from the hair, the hair is restored to its natural texture, looks healthier, and is easier to manage, style, and hold color or highlights.

Clarifying my hair was a great start and a step I repeat every 4-6 weeks. However, that did not address the fact that I wanted my hair to grow back more fully… AND faster… but in a way that supported my natural lifestyle. How to jumpstart the process?

Supplements for Hair Growth

(ALWAYS consult a physician before taking supplements!)

I spent a considerable amount of time skulking about in the supplement aisles of my local natural foods stores. Over time, I discovered a supplement combination for accelerated hair growth that has given me great results.

– One (1) scoop of Collagen 1 & 3 in powder form an hour before I eat in the morning (absorbs better with orange juice)
– Avoid protein for one hour to maximize absorption
– Vegital Silica (taken as directed on bottle)

I took this combination for 6 weeks before I saw a noticeable difference. The curlier your texture, the more difficult it may be to “see” hair growth, but when I started getting comments and compliments from friends and family, I knew it wasn’t just wishful thinking – the difference was measurable. Roll on Rapunzel!

– Results!
– Remembering to take them!
– Supplements can be expensive.
– More frequent shaving.




{Disclaimer: Not all supplements work as well or in the same way for all individuals. I am excited to have found something that works for me and to share this information with others, but each individual is different and must research and choose what works for them (one friend swears by shark cartilage, another by horsetail). This blog is purely one person’s perspective, and should not be considered medical advice to cure or treat hair loss, or any other condition. Always consult your physician before taking supplements.}

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