Let’s Stop the Bullies Together: Raise Awareness, Share Anti-Bullying Resources

Poodle. Brillo Pad. Dog. MopTop.

These are just a few of the names I was called during my childhood and teens, which deeply affected how I felt about my hair (hated it), and also eroded my confidence and self-esteem for years after the taunting and name-calling ended.

You know that expression, “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt?”  Mine has been, “Been there, done that, got the yearbook to prove it!”  (see insert)

I used to wonder why teachers didn’t take a more active role in protecting me from the bullying, but to be fair I really think the issue was a lack of resources, rather than true indifference.

Enter social media!

It’s exciting to see the way everyone comes together to collaborate and create a repository of positivity when there’s a place to do it.

Check out Pinterest for some of my favorite ideas that teachers can use in the classroom to spread the right messages, make kids think, and help start conversations in support of National Anti-Bullying Month in October!  Pick your favorite, then share with a friend.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty!


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