Seven Tips to Salon Selection: Find the Best Stylist for You

Embrace Your Natural Beauty – AND Your Stylist

Everyone knows my mantra: “Embrace your natural beauty.” Wouldn’t it be great to find a salon who does the same – meets you (and your hair) at the door with an appreciation for what you have to work with and a goal to help you get the best look and performance from your hair?

Stylists Matter

Bouffant Daddy: Where Even the Flowers Have Great Hair

Ten years ago I was contacted by a stylist in St. Louis who was interested in carrying MopTop in his salon. When it comes to hair, Jeff Noble of Bouffant Daddy has a unique approach and it’s such a treat to “talk hair” with him and watch him in action. He’s part-artist, part-engineer, and he has assembled a team that is like the NASA of hair. Not only do they understand hair, but they take the time to demonstrate to the customer how to achieve the style they’re looking for and to teach them HOW TO APPLY PRODUCTS in the salon before they leave. Afterall, the customer is a walking advertisement for a salon – they want you to leave looking and feeling like a rock star, and to be able to maintain the cut, color, or style you’ve requested. They want you to come back. And to tell your friends!

Unfortunately, Bouffant Daddy is two states away, so Jeff is not my regular stylist, but he has inspired the way I think about hair maintenance and what to look for in a salon and stylist. Here’s my Salon Seven – seven tips to finding the right salon for you!

Salon Seven

– Do you feel comfortable in the salon? Is it clean? Busy? Do you like the vibe?
– Does the stylist ask you what you are trying to achieve (what you want to look like when you leave)?
– Are you realistic in what you are asking of your stylist? Consider lifestyle, time you want to spend on maintenance, weather conditions such as humidity, how radical you can realistically go with color, cut, and style.
– Ask what they see as a good style for your face shape and lifestyle. A true artist will try to guide you and help you look your best.
– Do they cut hair wet or dry, or a combination of wet and dry? Have they been trained, or train others? There is no absolute right or wrong answer – it will depend on your specific hair texture.  What you are looking for is simple – do they know their stuff?  Are they listening to you?  Do they take the time you need?
– Do they train the client in the chair how to apply product? You can have the best products and the best cut in the world, but if you don’t apply the products correctly you will NOT have the best outcome!
– Expect to pay a little more for a professional. Typically, since curly hair can go longer between cuts (and you can do a trim on your own if you get a few messy ends), it’s worth it to invest that extra savings and pay a little more for a professional.

See Jeff and the Bouffant Daddy team in action:

Street view: Bouffant Daddy’s in Maplewood, MO
(L. to R.) Andrea, Mary, Draven, Daisy, Dale, Erin & Jeff
Draven positions her customer for the best method of cutting curly hair.
Draping hair allows gravity to do it’s thing – so the cut will accommodate the length and weight of the hair, and truly be customized to fall naturally.
This mosaic from the reception desk reflects the Bouffant Daddy experience – each piece is individualized, stylized, and works to complete the total picture.


Elle Jones

Elle Jones

I agree that a stylist should provide product application instruction. Since I relocated here last week, I would want to locate a hairstylist. I’ll have to locate a hairdresser who can touch up my blonde highlights as I’ve been wanting to do that.

Sam Andrews

Sam Andrews

Ooh, la la! I bet my sister would use this article as guidance to make an appropriate appointment soon. She’s going to her company’s annual dinner next week and plans to be on her best look. Anyway, thanks a lot for reminding us that a salon must be clean.

Elle Jones

Elle Jones

Your suggestion that a stylist should impart product application knowledge was beneficial to me. Since I relocated last week, I’d want to locate a hairstylist in my new neighborhood. I need to locate a hairdresser who can touch up my blonde highlights since I’ve been wanting to do that.

Eve Mitchell

Eve Mitchell

Thanks for mentioning that a stylist should teach how to apply the products. I would like to find a hair stylist in my new area since I moved last week. I’ve been wanting to touch up my blond highlights, so I’ll have to find a stylist who can do that.

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