What Causes Hair Loss and How To Fix It

Dream job, loving family, great circle of friends… all the makings of a thriving woman that are inevitably overshadowed by the emotional turmoil associated with hair loss. I don’t say this as an outsider- I say it as someone who has experienced temporary hair loss first hand. MopTop was created with strong intentions of educating women on how they can most out of their texture without causing harm to their locks.

While my temporary hair loss was caused by the build up of ingredients in products and sebum (an oily, waxy substance that our body produces), hair loss has a wide range of causes and will vary from person to person! (To combat product build up on hair, try MopTop’s Detox Shampoo.)

  1. Hormones
  2. Product Build-Up
  3. Massive Stress or Big Event
  4. Medications
  5. Health Issues
  6. Hereditary

Before we dive into each of the above and how they may cause hair loss, we have to make one thing clear! There is a difference between shedding (seeing your hair on the floor, your hair brush, shower, etc.) and hair loss. Hair shedding, which can be excessive, is normal! And often temporary. Hair loss, on the other hand, may be happening if you begin to notice thinner-than-normal spots on your head, a wider part, or even bald patches.

We are not medical professionals here at MopTop, we’ll stick to the science of hair care! However, we are here to provide you with information that may be helpful in determining what could be causing your hair loss. We encourage you to take this information and meet with a health professional who can help you find the best solution.

Woman examining thinning hair


In both men and women, hormonal changes are the most common cause of hair loss. The hormone responsible for hair loss is actually the same for both sexes. Known as “DHT”, dihydrotestosterone is produced as a byproduct of testosterone.

 Our bodies use testosterone as a precursor for several other hormones, one of which is DHT. DHT alters your hairline by shrinking the hair follicle, which cause the hairs to eventually stop growing like normal and fall out. Hormonal hair loss is referred to as androgenic alopecia, AKA female-pattern hair loss. The good news here is that androgenic alopecia is treatable!


Product Build Up

MopTop is silicon free! Many hair products contain waxy ingredients (like silicon) that can stick to and cause build up on your scalp if not properly rinsed out when washing your hair. Have you ever noticed build up or residue around your shower drain? Now imagine that on your scalp! The same kind of products that cause build up in your shower or bath may also be causing that on your head… yikes!

If you have been keeping up with curly hair news over this past year, you may have heard that certain products were suspected of causing hair loss. It is actually more likely that users have not been properly educated on how the detox their hair (resulting in a healthy scalp), so we are here to do just that!

We recommend staying away from products containing silicone and using MopTop’s Detox Shampoo once every 4-6 weeks. This not only keeps your scalp healthy and free of buildup, but also helps prime your hair to better absorb moisture and color!


Massive Stress or Big Event

In other words, 2020. But really… what qualifies as massive stress? A loss of a friend or loved one, a divorce, or another major, negative live event. While one bad day at work certainly isn’t welcome, it likely will not cause hair loss. Severe, lengthy stress – such as emotions felt by the global pandemic, for instance, certainly qualify.

Stress induced hair loss is also known as telogen effluvium. It is abrupt, temporary, and oddly enough… doesn’t usually begin until about 3 months after the inciting event. The good news, though, is that after your body recovers, your hair growth will return to normal!



Hair loss caused by medications, like any of the above-mentioned causes, can have a very real effect on your self-esteem. Luckily in most cases, it is reversible once you stop taking the medication. DO NOT stop taking any medication unless instructed by a medical professional.


Health Issues

One of the most common health issues associated with hair loss is trouble with your thyroid. This hair loss is observed as an overall thinning of the hair rather than in specific areas. More often than not, regrowth is successful as the thyroid disorder is treated. This can take a couple months, but it is possible!

If you choose to go get your thyroid checked, be sure to get all 3 panels checked for the most complete evaluation!



There are a lot of things we can be thankful for that we inherit from our elders. Hair loss… is not one of them. Hereditary hair loss reduces the amount of time the hair actively spends growing. There is no cure for this type of hair loss, but it is possible to slow or stop the process!

If you are experiencing hair loss, we want you to know that we are here for you! We hope this was helpful in determining what may be the cause of your hair loss and take you one step closer to finding a solution. As always, remember your beauty comes from within and YOU are what makes you beautiful! 

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