Why JunkFree Hair?

Here at MopTop Hair, we pride ourselves on creating a product line that is comprised of all-natural, chemical-free ingredients. Our goal is to have as little impact on the earth AND your body as possible - because less chemicals not only does wonders for your curls, but your health as well.

As you have likely heard in the Curly Hair Community, it is preached over and over that you should not use any products with chemicals in your curly hair routine – but why is this? In this blog we’re breaking down why you should steer clear of certain ingredients and then go into more detail of what you will not find in MopTop Hair products!

In the CG method or CGM, you do not use any hair products with sulphates, silicones, mineral oil, waxes, or drying alcohols in your curly hair routine. Many of these ingredients strip your hair of its natural oils, making it hard to find your best bounce! 

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So what exact ingredients are NOT found in MopTop Hair? Let’s take a look:

NO Sulfates: Sulfates are harsh cleansing agents that can quickly dry out hair, increase the likelihood of fading color, and leave you with tangles and frizz. When you rinse out the shampoo, sulfates take all the oils and residue with them.

NO Silicones or Waxes: Silicones and waxes create buildup on the hair shaft and can only be removed by stripping the hair and all the natural oils that keep hair hydrated.

NO Alcohol or Dyes: Alcohol depletes hair of its natural moisture, and while synthetic dyes may make products look pretty, they coat hair with harmful junk.

NO Parabens* or Phthalates: Parabens are preservatives that give products an extra-long shelf life, while phthalates are used in synthetic fragrances that irritate the scalp. *Except in the Salon Daily Conditioner

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If you are suffering from hair loss or unhealthy hair growth and think chemicals such as the ones mentioned above may be to blame, try switching to a natural alternative such as MopTop Hair. You can also try taking natural supplements that contain plant-derived ingredients that work synergistically to help your natural hair growth!

*Important note: Because products without the above ingredients do not strip hair of oils and build up, a detox treatment every 4-6 weeks is necessary for curly hair health. Try MopTop Detox Shampoo!*

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