Co-Wash to Increase Moisture, Decrease Shampooing

Co-Wash and Up the Ante with Moisture

An old practice that has become a new “trend” due to some recent celebrity endorsements is Co-Washing, which is when you wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo, but many of us have been doing it for ages.

Benefits of Co-Wash

The benefits of Co-Washing your hair are simple:
– It reduces the need for daily shampooing, which dries and damages hair
– It increases the moisture content in hair, so that hair is healthier

Co-Washing is a fabulous way to add a little moisture to your hair and also make it easier to detangle while in the shower. The water and friction created by your fingers massaging your scalp and hair will remove debris from your hair, and there is enough surfactant in the Co-Wash to remove some oil while leaving your hair fresh!

Who Should Co-Wash?

The ideal candidate for Co-Washing is someone with dryer skin and scalp and/or with more textured hair. The frequency of Co-Washing is totally a function of the oil production of the individual and whatever other products they may use. Our hair is like a thumbprint – everyone’s hair is different and has different needs.

Co-Washing works less well for on fine/thin or straight hair textures, or for someone who produces a lot of oil [sebum] naturally.

When to return to the traditional shampoo? Basically, when you feel your hair looks dirty and oily, it’s time to use a lathering shampoo.

Whether you use traditional shampoo, Co-Wash, or bounce between the two, remember to ALWAYS clarify once a month for a healthy scalp and healthy hair!

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