Second Day Hair: Refresh and Re-Style with MopTop

Rules of Second Day Hair

Anyone who knows a lot about hair knows that you SHOULD NOT shampoo every day. Second day hair is hair the day after you’ve last shampooed.

Because my hair is so curly and so textured, second- and even third-day hair is not uncommon for me. It allows me to give my hair and scalp a rest without over-shampooing and over-drying and can also be a matter of convenience, adding an extra 30-45 minutes back into my day.

Second Day Hair for More Textured Hair

What You’ll Need:
– Spray water bottle
– Water
– Product of choice (gel, custard, conditioner)

Why water?  MopTop products are water-soluble, and the ingredients can be reactivated with a fresh spritz of water, or water mixed with product if you need more control or more moisture.

TIP #1: Plan ahead! If you know that you will be going with second-day hair the next day, always use a satin pillowcase the night before – it creates much LESS FRICTION than a regular cotton case.
TIP #2: Pineappling or simply putting your hair and clipping it on top of your head while you sleep will reduce friction.

Second Day Hair: Frizz Control

These two options will give you a little more hold and frizz control:

– Approximately one-part water and one-part Curly Hair Custard, OR
– Approximately one-part water and one-part Gel

Second Day Hair: More Moisture

If your hair needs a little extra moisture, try one of these concoctions:

– Approximately one-part water and one-part Leave-In Conditioner, OR
– Approximately one-part water and one-part Daily Conditioner, OR
– Approximately one-part water and one-part Light Conditioner

Our product fragrances are fresh and citrusy, which further help to refresh the hair.

TIP #3: Start with a small amount of each portion to figure out the right ratio of water:product for your specific hair needs. You may decide that you need two-parts water and one- part product of choice to make a thinner concoction. Play with the ratios to see what works best for you.

Second Day Hair: AFTER Exercise

I typically work out in the morning before everyone gets up, and depending on the needs of my kids and the day ahead, I may not get to shampoo during my shower routine. While exercising, I think it is important to put my hair up in a ponytail or otherwise contain it to avoid more tangles. I also make sure I plan the intensity of workout based on how much time I have to get ready afterward.

After working out (assuming I don’t do a super intense workout), I will use one of several different styles that that allow me to look presentable and either simply “refresh” my hair or, if necessary, do a bun, a half up/half down, or some other style that wears well on Day 2

For more style ideas for textured hair, check out “StrictlyCurls”, by Nicole Siri. She’s one of my favorites!

Second Day Hair for LESS Textured Hair

Second-day hair can be more challenging for thinner, finer textures or straighter textures. Natural oils show more easily and hair flattens when sleeping, so the strategy here is less product on Day 2 equals more volume.

For less-textured second-day hair, try the following:
– Sprinkle or spray a VERY SMALL amount of dry shampoo or even baby powder along the roots around the crown
– Blow out excess dry shampoo/powder with a hairdryer.
– Re-style second-day hair hairbrush and dryer or curling iron.

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