How to Manage Your Under-Conditioned Hair

How to Manage Your Under-Conditioned Here: Re-Hydrate for Healthier Results

There are so many variables that affect the health of our hair and one of the biggest offenders is UNDER-Conditioning the hair.



Not using an adequate amount of conditioner, or not conditioning often enough for your texture.

Conditioning is one of the best things we can do for our hair, but we have to strike the right balance. This is a case where a little bit more IS more in terms of healthy, more manageable hair. 

If you under-condition your hair, two things can happen:

  •  Frizz (caused by friction and/or lack of moisture) 
  •  Too much volume  

Every texture is different and will determine the amount of conditioner that should be used on a daily basis, as well as how often a deep conditioning should be done.

How to Condition with MopTop

Daily Conditioning

Choosing a Daily Conditioner

Fine Hair

The finer your hair, the lighter your conditioner should be and the less you should use (e.g., dime-to nickel size portion)

Textured Hair

The thicker your hair, the richer your conditioners should be and the more you should use (e.g. quarter-to-half-dollar portion)


Choose a conditioner that contains hydrating ingredients, like aloe, sea botanicals and honey.

Conditioning Your Hair


Apply enough conditioner to coat your hair. This amount will vary depending on hair type and texture.


Do not apply conditioner to roots, as this can make hair limp and weighed down. Start with the ends and work your way up!


Allow conditioner to permeate hair layers (3-5 minutes for normal hair, 4-6 minutes for colored or chemically treated hair)


Rinse out conditioner from hair and enjoy your smooth, hydrated locks!

2nd or 3rd Day Conditioning


Skip the shampoo! Instead, mix equal parts leave-in conditioner and water in a spray bottle.


Spritz conditioner mixture throughout hair layers to give your hair an extra injection of moisture.


Scrunch the hair to revive the curl pattern and then don't touch again until 80% dry.


Once your hair is 80% dry, scrunch hair again to release the curl pattern for soft, hydrated locks.

Deep Conditioning (Every 2-3 Weeks)


A good deep conditioning not only restores moisture, but also the spring in your curl pattern, which may look as though you've also had a recent trim!


After you shampoo, wring out excess water and FLIP ENDS. Apply the deep conditioner to ends and work your way up.


Massage into hair and gently comb through. Adjust portion as necessary depending on hair length and thickness.


Leave on 3-5 minutes. For more intense conditioning, add a shower cap and dryer heat for 20-30 minutes and let hair cool.


Rinse thoroughly with cool water and enjoy your smooth, hydrated locks!


For finer hair types and textures, not just any conditioner will do. MopTop’s Light Conditioner is formulated with natural ingredients to gently hydrate thin, straight and wavy hair.


Give your thick, textured hair the bounceback it needs with MopTop’s Daily Bamboo Conditioner. Formulated with natural, curl-friendly ingredients, including honey, nettle, and silk amino acids, this conditioner works with hair’s natural oils to keep wavy, curly, and kinky-coily hair cleaner for longer. 


Take on tangles and fend off frizz with MopTop’s Leave-in Conditioner. For hair in need of hydration, this leave-in conditioner coats hair strands with nourishing aloe and honey, while vitamin B5 and keratin help soften and strengthen brittle locks. 

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