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4 Tips for Smoother Hair this Winter

by MopTop Hair |

Sweaters. Hot chocolate. Christmas music. Fuzzy socks. 

The colder weather brings a lot of our favorite things with it.

Your hair, however, may disagree; dull, flat, and frizzy strands are too often the “winter hair” standard. That’s because with low temperatures comes even lower humidity, creating air that’s much drier and much harsher on hair. Not to mention, dry air is notorious for creating lots of static electricity (which explains the gravity-defying directions your hair takes on after pulling off a hat or scarf). Your hair craves moisture, and in the winter, it can be harder to get.  

That’s why a few extra steps in the winter to nourish and pamper your hair can be all the difference. It’s possible to have plenty of good hair days even on dry winter days. To get a head start on winter-proofing your hair care routine, try: 

...using a silk pillowcase. Tossing and turning on a cotton pillowcase every night can generate lots of friction with your hair. Not to mention, cotton can actually dry hair out by absorbing its natural oils. As a result, you wake up to frizzy hair that’s more prone to breakage. Protect your hair at night by switching to a silk pillowcase that’s softer and gentler than cotton. But don’t just think of it as a cold-weather hack; a silk pillowcase is a must-have for those of you with curly hair or hair prone to frizz any time of the year. 

...adding a leave-in conditioner to your routine. “Double” condition by applying a leave-in conditioner after toweling off hair (or using a t-shirt to wick out excess water). The second conditioning treatment penetrates deep into the hair cuticle to moisturize parched hair. A rich, lasting formula like our MopTop Leave-In Conditioner can be used after every wash. Our tip? Apply the conditioner and scrunch to embrace your natural curl, but then don’t touch until dry, for extra defined and glossy curls. 

...nixing those long, hot showers. I know how you feel; when it’s freezing outside, sometimes all you want to do is jump into a hot shower when you get home. But did you know that hot water can strip your hair and skin of vital natural oils? Hot water causes your hair cuticles to open, over time making them too porous and brittle. To prevent dried out hair, take short showers and, ideally, use lukewarm water to wash and rinse hair. (For those days you just need that hot shower, clip up your hair after washing and rinsing before turning the heat up.)

...washing hair less. In warmer months, sweat, heat, and high humidity levels can contribute to more oil in the scalp. But in the winter, the scalp often tends to be drier (which in turn may have your hair seeming less oily). Follow your hair’s lead and wash less frequently than you would in the summer. This will help your scalp retain more of its natural, healthy oils, and will prevent the damage that comes with overwashing.

Winter doesn’t have to mean flat, frizzy hair. With a few extra steps you can have beautiful, smooth hair no matter how cold it gets. 

Here’s hoping this winter is full of lots and lots of cozy sweaters and good hair days.