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There’s no better feeling than knocking out an intense cardio session or hot yoga class (except maybe grabbing a celebratory breakfast after . . . ). Yet all the sweat you work up in class can wreak havoc on a perfectly good hair day. Frizz, ponytail creases, and limp hair are often the annoying side effects of getting your daily dose of endorphins. 

Before you think about skipping the gym just for the sake of your hair, read on; I’ve rounded up my favorite tips on how to bring hair back to life after your early morning pilates class, without the time and damage of daily shampooing:

Prep before you sweat.

Before you hit the gym, prep your hair so it’s easier to manage after you’ve worked up a sweat. Hairstylist to the stars Lacy Redway told The Cut she recommends spraying down your roots with dry shampoo before hitting the gym. The dry shampoo powder can then work to absorb sweat as it occurs. The result is drier, less clumpy hair that will be easier to quickly re-style. 

Upgrade your hair band.

Classic drugstore hair bands can leave crease marks on your locks, which can be hard to get rid of without a wash or complete re-style with heat tools. Save time by stocking up on hair bands that won’t leave that telltale, post-ponytail bump. Our favorite Amazon scores are these soft, extra stretchy ties, or these Kitsch spiral hair ties (whose spirals may be a nod to your old landline phone circa 2003, but promise crease-free hair for the rest of the day.)

Protect the hair line.

It’s usually the hair right at the hairline that gets the sweatiest. The cure? Wear a soft headband that keeps hair pulled back and in place. The accessory will do double duty of taming flyaways during your workout and preventing hair from absorbing excess sweat from the face. We love these and these moisture-wicking headbands that come in cute colors to match your workout gear. 

Put a cap on frizz.

You don’t have to wash your hair to get fresh-looking locks after your workout (and really, you shouldn’t!) Washing your hair after every daily workout strips natural oils and dries out the hair follicle. For those shampoo-free days, grab a cute shower cap to block out humidity from the shower and prevent frizz.

Cool down.

When it’s time to style your hair, try this shampoo-free way to revive the pieces that received the most sweat. Get your fingers wet and gently work them through your hair’s face-framing pieces. Then, use your hair dryer’s cool setting to dry damp hair without the heat. Use a comb to tackle tangles and smooth frizz around the face. Lightly mist a heat protectant spray before touching up pieces as needed with a curler or flat iron. Finish up with a little bit of Mongongo oil to keep hair looking smooth and shiny.

Hair still looking a little . . . flat? Grab some oversized clips to pin back hair from one side of the face, or do a simple side braid and secure with bobby pins. 

Don’t let your hair keep you back from your favorite workout. Remember that sweat, with its high salt content, can actually add some great texture to your roots - just like those high-end salt sprays that promise beachy perfect hair. So think of those post-sweat, piecey locks as something to work with — not against.

Tell me, how do you freshen up your post-gym hair? 

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