Big Curl Trends That Are Here to STAY!

Spring is here, which means it’s the perfect time to freshen up your curls and try something new! The top trends of 2022 are established and we are here to share them with you in case you’re ready to try a new cut, style, or just want some curly inspo! All the different styles and cuts that are trending have something in common–big curls are here to stay and be highlighted! 

If you were worried that this year’s trends might lean towards sleek and straight styles, you’re in luck – people everywhere are embracing their curls and are encouraging big volume leading into this season. More than just specific cuts and styles, the big trend for 2022 is to accentuate your natural curls and explore your texture!

Curly Cuts 

The most popular curly cut requests in hair salons have been all about the layers! Modern shag cuts and rounded cuts with curly bangs (sometimes also called a fringe and ‘fro) are all the rage, and they actually enhance our gals’ natural curl patterns and show off your curls without weighing you down. Big win!

Shag cuts are full of volume and offer body and shape for those who aren’t too concerned with extra size in their styles! Because the hair will be heavily layered with different lengths in different areas of the head, it gives your curls the freedom to flourish without sacrificing volume for length. The beauty of the shag is not only creating structure for your curls to thrive in, but it can also be done on all lengths of hair. If you’re already rocking long curls or have been keeping it short, there’s likely a way that the shag can work for you!

Rounded cuts with curly fringe are, like their descriptor says, more rounded in their appearance because the volume is consistent throughout. These types of cuts give way to your curls, letting them expand and lay more densely. Unlike the shag cut, which can appear more angular and takes off more length in a choppy manner, the rounded cut encourages volume all the way around. This dense volume uses your frizz to your advantage and will bring all eyes on you! 


Both styles tend to feature a fringe to frame the face and highlight the eyes. As with all haircuts, it’s a good rule of thumb to talk with your hairstylist in depth about what you’re hoping to achieve with your new cut. Specifically, how to style it on your own once you leave the salon!


We can recommend a few of our own products to take along with you on your new ‘do journey to make sure those curls stay rockin’:

Our MopTop Curl Enhancer Gel, Curly Hair Custard, and Medium Hold Gel are all hot ticket items when it comes to styling your curls right. Treating your strands with love and quality products is the best way to show off a new cut or style!

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