Curly Girl Festival Hairstyles to Rock All Day and Night!

Festival season is upon us and with the music, the fashion, and the overall vibes, comes what could be a natural curly girls’ nightmare–days and days of fun in a row, with the worry that your curls will fall flat and won’t show off your true shine. 

Refreshing your curls after wash day can seem scary, but we’re here to remind you that it can be a lifesaver when it comes to your time, energy, and the look and feel of your curls. By skipping days between washes, you give the scalp the opportunity for the natural oils to remain and support healthy growth–something we can all agree is worth the wait! 

When living festival life for days on end, you can skip days in between washes, and still rock your natural curls without losing their shine, definition, or hold! Our key for refreshing the hair is our quality MopTop products which will help you do just that! 

We recommend the MopTop Leave-In Conditioner, Curl Enhancer Gel, Curly Hair Custard, and Salon Medium Hold Gel to name a few, but be sure to check out our recent blog here to learn the MopTop way of keeping curls fresh by using these products and our methods!

Festival Styles for Natural Curls

Now that you know how to stay fresh, what’s the best way to highlight those newly refreshed curls, while also keeping up with the weekend? Cute festival styles that show off your natural hair and keep it out of your face! 

See some of our favorite styles below for inspiration on how to keep those curls tangle-free and together while you’re vibing at the show! 

women with curly hair space buns festival

Space buns are always on trend when it comes to festivals, and curly girls are no exception to this style! Wear them with your hair half-up to keep some curls down and free, or keep the curls off your neck by pulling all your hair up and away! 

women with curly hair space buns festival

Whether you pull your bangs out or pin them back, this style is the perfect way to keep up with those full days running from one concert to the next. Pair your buns with accessories or flowers for the ultimate festival vibes that don’t disappoint.

women with curly hair long festival

You can also opt for twisting or braiding your hair back partially, or completely, and decorate with flowers or rings to keep your hair out of your face all day and night!

Which style would you try? Tag us on Instagram so we can see your festival curls! @moptophair


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