Camera Shy, Not a Lie!

Kelly Foreman
Founder, Owner, and Creative Genius behind MopTop Junk-Free Haircare

Last Friday I had a mentor turned very dear friend Sandra ask me if I would be willing to share my story on her FaceBook live. It’s amazing how far I have come (more on that later!).

As some background, Sandra and I met at a national women’s conference. Her company is Charisma on Camera and she was a Keynote Speaker. As my business was starting to grow, I could not shake the nudging feeling that I was being called to find my voice and speak more publicly. For many people this may not be a big deal, but for me, it was crippling. You see my business is based on my belief that people make choices in life based on how they feel about themselves. The messaging from my past that had imprinted itself on my brain was that I was not enough, not pretty enough, too frizzy, fuzzy, brillo and the list goes on…

Despite my fears, I signed up for Sandra’s intensive 5-day course. With the surge of popularity and importance of using videos to tell your story, Sandra taught us every aspect of being on camera and video production to produce quality videos on our own. She worked us HARD!  She is one of the most intense, intelligent and strong women I have ever met.  She’s the coach that won’t let you wimp out!

At the end of the course, we were going to shoot a video that we could use in our own businesses. She started videoing us on day one as she wanted us “to get used to a camera being in the room”. I tried my best to always position myself “out of the shot”, but on day three, it was unavoidable! We were to take turns on the stage doing mini-interviews. When it was my turn I was on the verge of panic and the flood of emotions had my heart pounding, I thought people could see how hard my heart was beating by the pulsing in my neck and I’m sure I was white as a ghost!

She said the same calming statements she had said to a few others that had gone before me, then she asked me to tell her about my business.  Off camera and in a small group I could talk out loud, but… She knew my story, she knew my passion, she knew my people. I froze, I could not speak.  And then I melted, I broke… the moment she was looking at me trying to figure out what to do seemed like an eternity, but probably only a split second.  She broke the uncomfortable silence and asked me if I had my book. I asked her if she meant my Frizz Intervention Book. I told her yes and she asked me to tell her about the book, but really she wanted me to clearly see my why and my who I serve.

That was it!  Once I refocused on my why I service and my who I serve, I can do ANYTHING! That light bulb moment!!! It’s not about me, it has never been and that in itself is so freeing. Each and every one of the precious souls that feel the way I felt CAN feel differently. They can embrace how beautifully they are created and go on to do what they are called to do. A Good Hair Day can Change the WORLD!

Tell me about a time a Good Hair Day EMPOWERED you to be BOLD and do something you never thought you could!

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