Why I LOVE Partnering with Whole Planet Foundation

Kelly Foreman 

Founder, Owner, and Creative Genius behind MopTop Junk-Free Haircare

Whole Planet Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Whole Foods to help alleviate poverty. They distribute microcredit loans for entrepreneurs living in poverty so they can create a business, support their family and make a better life for them and for future generations.  88% of recipients are women and the loans are provided to those in 71 countries, including the US.  Since 2005, WPF has funded 2.8 million microloans.

While we cannot control when, where and what circumstances we were born into, we can control how we respond and how we use our resources to positively impact others. I started working with Whole Foods in 2014 and was introduced to Whole Planet in 2017. The spirit of empowering and supporting those that are willing to work hard is at the core of almost every person I have worked with at Whole Foods. I am a small woman-owned business and I found myself in need of support. I applied and became a part of the Local Producer Loan Program through Whole Foods and it has helped me grow my business in a way I wouldn’t have been able to on my own. When I was introduced to Whole Planet Foundation, I could not help but jump in and get involved. It’s amazing to me how easy it is to help, and being an Econ Dork I think through…How can this have a lasting impact?

I believe people make choices in life based on how they feel about themselves – there are no socio-economic or geographical barriers that change that. I have a vision of empowering people and giving them the tools they need to effect real change by creating and recognizing their own value. For my business, I believe a GOOD HAIR DAY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD… if you can see how beautifully you are created and value that, you will make better choices.  With Whole Planet Foundation, we get the opportunity to give back and support international businesswomen get out of poverty … Do you realize that as little as $200 can really make a difference in so many lives?

Recently I got to participate in the 1st Power Her Potential event in Austin on the rooftop of the Flagship Lamar store. It was an amazing day!  Approximately 360 people attended and in excess of $10,000 was raised. The day was filled with inspiring speakers, fun workshops, and candid panel conversations. There were cool items raffled off like a Vitamix, bikes, MopTop & FuzzyDuck goody basket, etc. Working with Whole Planet Foundation lines up with three of MopTop’s core values:

      Do the Right Thing

     Have a Servant Heart

      Empower each other 

Every aspect of the Power Her Potential event was empowering and uplifting! It’s amazing what we can accomplish together if we just stop, take a minute to step outside of ourselves and look at how we can make a difference and then actually DO IT.

If you are inspired and empowered by this story, please help us support more micro-loans by purchasing our products at participating Whole Foods near you. Click the link to find your store – https://moptophair.com/where-to-buy/.  Thanks for partnering with us to help make a positive difference and supporting the passion of Whole Planet Foundation and MopTop.

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