CURL POWER: Natural hair journeys always have their place

Trends are always circulating – they come into the limelight as fast as they leave, but one that we hope sticks around has only been gaining steam in the last couple years – embracing your natural curls!

While this trend is actually more of a journey than anything, we understand it’s recent hype! Gorgeous, natural curly girlies finally get to LIVE in the hair they’ve had since birth, and truly get to learn how to take care of, style, and show it off – what could be better?!

Natural curls can be anywhere. On your neighbor, on a stranger on the street, or on you! It may be more commonplace to see girls with texture rocking their strands on the daily now, but once upon a time you’d hardly ever see natural hair at school, work, or on the news. 

Luckily, we get to see natural curls everywhere today – even on your tv! 

In early 2020, two FOX 29 reporters Lauren Johnson and Shaina Humphries went on live tv to discuss their own curly hair journeys and how important it is to see others sharing in this.


Two news anchors with natural curls

In the clip shown on Facebook, both women talk about how learning to love their natural hair is a journey. It takes time and isn’t necessarily easy. Between finding the right products, exploring all the techniques and discovering your own individual curl patterns and what works for your strands, natural hair care isn’t necessarily easy. 

Shaina said that she tried to make her hair smaller and flatter for years, but now realizes that there’s not only one way to look. Lauren agreed and mentioned that natural hair is not only beautiful, but that it is also professional, contrary to previously popular beliefs among employers and viewers.

With such difficulties in the natural hair care journey, we’re here to encourage you that starting now is the best time to do it! Your future self will thank you for finding what works best for your hair sooner, rather than later! 

Owning your hair and embracing your look and who you are will change not only your hair, but your attitude and life! Ready to take on your curly hair and look bomb doing it?? Shop our natural hair care products, curated for our gals with textured hair ➡️➡️➡️ 

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I really enjoyed reading the blog post on the Moptop Hair website about “Curl Power: There’s Always a Place on Your Natural Hair Journey.” It’s great to see a platform that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of natural hair, and your insight into that journey is inspiring. Keep up the great work of promoting self-acceptance and enjoying your natural curls.

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