Find Your Curl Direction With This Trick

Finding your curl direction 

So you know you have curly hair, and you think you know how to style it… but we’re here to let you in on a new curl trend and trick…curl direction! Determining how your curls rotate (which can differ from strand to strand) can be a game changer for defining your texture! 

While there may be many sources out there for the best method of figuring out which way your curls turn, and how to define them, TikTok user Nicole, or @maybeitswavybaby, shows the most simple ways to do so! 

Girl on TikTok showing how to find curl direction with different curling methods

In her video, Nicole takes a section of damp hair and brushes it down from the underside. From there, she shimmies the section of hair gently from side to side to let the hair settle into its natural wavy/curly shape. The strands start to form curl clumps and Nicole points out with her finger the direction of the individual clumps. 

Once you know your curl direction, Nicole also shows different methods of how to form those curls. One method is formed with a brush or comb (brush styling), and another, known as finger rolling, is done by wrapping the strand around the finger/s to form the curls more finitely. 

Curl direction? Check! Curl method? Check! Perfect products for these methods?...⬇️

Though it isn’t mentioned in the video, certain products can be used with these brush styling and finger rolling techniques to make them even more effective and to really set your curls—and YES, you guessed right, MopTop has those products, listed below! 😍

  • MopTop Curl Enhancer GelEncourages the definition of curly textures, yet feels like you have nothing in your hair! Provides a refreshing citrus medley scent.
  • MopTop Medium Hold/Anti-Frizz GelThis will leave your hair soft to the touch while maintaining a nice hold for dull, frizzy and unruly hair. Mixed with sea botanicals and honey, this gel will NOT leave your hair feeling sticky, oily, or hard!
  • MopTop Curly Hair Custard A delicious concoction for your texture! A little goes a long way for maximum hold, moisture and shine without heaviness or crunch. 

While figuring out the direction that your curls rotate doesn’t necessarily change your whole hair care routine, it can improve your understanding and perfect the styling of your hair, and that’s what MopTop is here to help you do!

Which of our products will you try with your newly learned curl perfecting techniques? Be sure to let us know by tagging @moptophair  in an Instagram story (we may even repost your creative responses! 😉) 

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