Delmar: A Love Story (Why MopTop Doesn’t Test on Animals)

Delmar is the 25 pound miniature schnauzer that wreaks havoc in my household with his unfettered love of trash and the unwelcome “gifts” he strategically deposits when annoyed. This is in direct proportion to the amount of attention he’s receiving, the length of his walks, or the quality of the garbage he’s artfully strewn across the floor, like fragrant abstract art (Picasso he is not!).

Delmar is also very cuddly, playful, and smart, and his breed is shed-free, but oftentimes this does little to off-set how crazy he can make me.

However, despite his shortcomings and icky habits, I ADORE this dog and would never do anything to intentionally cause him harm. Likewise, we feel that way about all animals, which is why we DO NOT test any of our products on animals.  EVER.  Beyond that, our ingredients are already known to be safe and natural – honey, aloe, and sea botanicals, so animal testing would be fruitless and frivolous.  Embrace your animals and know that we do, too!


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