Faith, Love, & Hope - Let's Spread That!

Tune in to any news station, search the internet, or talk with a friend, and “contagious” seems to be a word that cannot be avoided. 

While social distancing, washing our hands for 20 seconds, and massive amounts of disinfectant and safety precautions fill our days, there are still a few things that manage to spread from person to person… 

Faith, love, and hope.

Stories of faith, love, and hope have the ability to bring the best out of us as human beings as well as bring us together. In an effort to strengthen our curl community even more, we encourage you to spread this “junk free” energy with those around you!

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Restoring or rejuvenating your faith isn’t something that happens overnight. Having absolute trust in a thing, a person, or a situation… it all takes daily practice. Some of our favorite practices include:


  • Make the most out of your situation
    • Albert Einstein once said that the most important question you'll ever answer is: "What kind of universe do you want to live in? One that supports you or one that works against you?" Make the declaration that you live in a universe that is friendly and supportive.
  • Help Others
    • This is one of our favorite things that helps us most when we are feeling down (and one of the main reasons MopTop was created)! To extend kindness to others not only is contagious, it also helps to take the attention off of yourself, the struggles you may have had that day, and encourages you to focus on giving rather than receiving.
  • Create Positive Affirmations
    • Instead of looking for what is wrong with the world, let’s start to look for what is right! We like to start our day with positivity, often centered around things that may come up as stressors later in the day. These affirmations will be totally personal to you and vary with the day, but some examples are
      • All things are possible if I believe I can
      • The right people are going to show up for me
      • The assistance I need is coming

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Moving on to love – this is a very easy thing to spread, but equally as easy to shut out. Love for your significant other, family members, friends, and yes, yourself, are all included in this conversation! Here are our favorite ways to spread love throughout your day, and yes, all are quarantine approved! 


  • Mentor someone – Teach someone a new skill or hobby that can help them excel in their career or simply find more joy in their day
  • Send fun texts to your loved ones (group chat for the win!)
  • Spread positive gossip – Did you SEE how good her hair looked in that selfie?! Sharing with all my curl friends.
  • Send your long-distance friends pictures of you all together (or friends that live a mile away from you but you haven’t seen in weeks!)
  • Give to charity – And if you haven’t heard, many businesses have gift cards for sale to be used at a later date. All of a sudden giving to charity can also mean planning a self-care day or getting take out from your favorite restaurant!
  • Hug your loved ones – if you can, squeeze them extra tight.


Last but certainly not least, we look to the future - with hope! Each of us has the power to make the world a brighter place with our everyday actions. Here are some ideas to inspire you to make a difference:

  • Post or share an upbeat news story
  • Tell someone that you believe in them
  • Reach out to someone who seems to be struggling or who you haven’t heard from in a while
  • Offer a helping hand, particularly to the elderly or other at-risk populations!
  • Expect good things to happen :)


We hope you enjoyed our tips on spreading faith, love, and hope! If you decide to do any of the above, we would love to hear about it. Post to your social pages and tag @moptophair so we can spread the “junk free” energy with the world!

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