My Curly Start by Kelly, The MopTop Girl

From hair loss to a happy healthy scalp and hair!

With all the buzz circling around hair loss, MopTop is here to be your curly-gal pal! We want to be your guiding light on how to have the healthiest hair and scalp!

My mission here at MopTop is to inspire the world one curly head at a time, but this mission didn't just come about at random. Here at MopTop we believe a good hair day can change the world!

As a young girl, I had been teased for my vibrant curls, I quickly conquered the “mop top” nickname. I used a curly method to the letter for about 5 years and began to experience hair loss. This was also right around the time my daughter started showing massive curls, so I decided to create a solution.

“People make choices in life based on how they feel about themselves.” – Kelly Foreman

Fast forward to 2005, MopTop was created!

I researched everything under the sun. I interviewed over 200 stylists that had curly hair, I started playing with ingredients from the local natural food store. This is where I figured out that it needed to be water soluble, as well as taking other variables into consideration. I found that build up can occur from ingredients in products as well as from sebum (an oily waxy substance) that our bodies produce. My personal experience is that the buildup was causing my temporary hair loss.


Historically there are companies that have built their entire brand around sebum and how to fight that issue. Wavy/curly/coily hair has other needs too though...

So, there was the birth of MopTop! What an exciting adventure I was on!

I am such a nerd and absolutely love hair, problem solving and sharing results.

Finding “100% natural” products, food and lifestyles are not always possible these days. We do the best we can day to day to create a lifestyle that will keep us healthy, feeling beautiful, and most of all happy with ourselves!

Personally, I believe I found the perfect blend between nature and science. MopTop not only helped detox my hair but gave it life that I wanted to share with others. 

How can we serve you?

Below are the products I created and use.

We have tips, videos and much more to help you have the hair you DESERVE.

  • Detox Shampoo – our most important product! Use once every 4-6wks

If your body produces a lot of oil, sebum or you just work out a lot, Co-Wash and Gentle shampoo are fine to use in-between.

The MopTop Detox Shampoo removes all buildup so that the products you use, will work better and you won’t have to use as much! With 3 girls and lots of hair, it’s important that the products last and again, a little bit goes a long way.

***By no means am I a professional “Health Expert” but I do personally

research products for my own knowledge.

Some supplements I also use are the Vegetal Silica and Super Collagen.

Hair grows 1/4-1/2 an inch per month, so be PATIENT!

I also enjoy and recommend eating healthy, the daily workout, staying hydrated & LOVE to get some solid sleep!


This is not a blog to pitch our products, we are here to HELP and to share my experience and things that have worked for me and my lifestyle. We want you to be a part of our love for beautiful hair and undoubtedly to love how you were created!  


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